Willard Hometown News   Voting to take place at Willard City Hall, 80 West 50 South, Willard, Utah, 84340 November 5, 2013 8 am – 8 pm. don’t forget to bring ID.             Proposed changes to... read more
Dear Editor I have the great privilege of personally knowing and having great respect each and every candidate running for office here is North Ogden.  After talking extensively with the candidates I... read more
Set aside a night to play vintage games this holiday season, Cut down a Christmas tree as a family., = Get inspired by Pottery Barn and wrap Christmas gifts with simple touches from the Rocky Mountains. Plaid wrapping paper can be found at Hallmark in Harrisville. You kids will have a blast collecting twigs and pinecones to use instead of ribbon and bows. , Apple Cider and Mulling Spices from William Sonoma located at Trolly Square add an incredible aroma to your home for the holiday season. , Always keep your camera handy and get outdoors this holiday season. You never know what you will run into!
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is quickly approaching. The kids are starting to beg for toys, holiday to-do lists are growing by the hour and a few neighbors are turning on their... read more
Karen Cronin believes one of the most important items to address is the economic development of the City. It is vital to provide employment to the member of the community so their financial needs are... read more
North Ogden City residents are still wrestling with the question about how much to spend on a new public works building. Should the city bond for the building and increase the debt load and... read more
Mayor   David Daniels has been serving the community of Perry for over a decade, through scouting, coaching youth baseball, and ecclesiastical leadership. He loves to serve those around him in every... read more
Esther Montgomery would like to encourage businesses to come to the City. She wants to make sure that several of the ongoing projects are completed and that the citizens are aware of the projects.... read more
Maurice Roche running for Perry City Council did not respond before deadline. Updates when available.    
City Council Bruce Lyon cites his reason for running for election as, “The city has been so kind to my family and I think it's time to give back.”  Bruce expresses a deep love for Perry City. Moving... read more
Brady Lewis, who is running for Perry City Council stated, “Having a career outside of politics is precisely what qualifies me for this temporary service.” While helping with the 2012 Mitt Romney... read more