February   14   |   Valentine's Day  17   |   Presidents' Day No School  28   |   Jr. Author's Fair 6pm    
Upcoming Events   February 7 - Boys Basketball Playoff WJH @ Rocky   February 10 - Honor Society to Snow Basin   February 11 - Boys Basketball Championship (TBA)   February 12 - Early Out... read more
  February   11   |   5th Grade-Environmental Center  11   |   6th Grade Dare  11   |   4TH GRADE TO SNOW BASIN  11   |   6TH GRADE ORION JR REGISTRATION  17   |   PRESIDENT'S DAY/ NO SCHOOL... read more
February 7- Seventh Grade Registration 2:00 p.m. in the Lomond View Cafeteria   February 11- Choir Begins for Spring   February  17   |   NO SCHOOL    LEE'S RECEIPTS It's time to start saving... read more
Wednesday February 12,  3:30 PM -  Communty Council Meeting (community room)  Monday February 17 Presidents Day (No School)    School Dress Code Reminder   dresscode1Dress for Success! ◦... read more
    February Feb 3 -  4th Grade to the Enviromental Center Feb 3 -  District Science Fair - WSU   Feb 4 -  District Science Fair - WSU                                 Feb 5 -  Pride/Popcorn Day... read more
State High School Art Show in Springville - Weber High did very well again this year! We had 9 pieces selected (6 artists), which is still one of the best in the state. Congratulations to these great... read more
Watching snow and Ross' geese lift off Gunnison Bend Reservoir can take your breath away.   At the links below, you can see thousands of geese -- and some wild turkeys!   Wild turkeys  -   http... read more
Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing   What You Need to Know About Utah Politics Today - February 10, 2014   Increased education funding actually went to retirement or healthcare costs. Plan to... read more