Willard landowner, Mark Mackley (Mackley), plans to build a home on property he bought in Willard, east of the old Pioneer cemetery.  In an effort to obtain service from Rocky Mountain Power on... read more
            At the September 25th city council meeting, City Manager Ron Chandler requested a refund for business license fees for applicants that didn’t make enough money with their business to... read more
            During the City Council Meeting last night, a 14-member committee for the Public Works Complex project was approved unanimously by the council.  Every councilman expressed their... read more
            For anyone who read the whole article in the Standard earlier this week, “North Ogden to Address Sunday Parks Closure” they would find towards the end of the article that this agenda item... read more
Now that the Propery Tax bill notices have gone out, one of the comments I get is “My property taxes are to high!”  To that I say “Yes, everyone’s is high.”  In order to enjoy all that we love here... read more
For an hour on August 15th, the Pleasant View City Council heard Mr. John Janson explain how he has evaluated economic development areas, the Transportation Zone, and the Gateway Zone of the City as... read more
The last couple of months have been busy for the Harrisville City Council. They opened the Harrisville splash pad, organized Heritage Days, and applied for Truth in Taxation, which is the legal... read more
After several months of consideration, the Council approved the Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services with Weber County, despite the concern expressed by Farr West City (FWC) Council... read more
     Part of the property along Highway 89 disconnected from Pleasant View City in 2004 was enticed back into the city with the prospect that property owners would be given enough property rights to... read more
What began as an effort to look at a “rotten ordinance” has evolved through the process of writing this article.  Let’s start at the beginning.             This summer 3 ambitious kids, ages 13, 14,... read more