FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   March 1, 2014         CONTACTS:     Lindsay Zizumbo   CMV Executive Director   801-671-1018     Ric Cantrell   Senate Chief of Staff   801-647-8944     Spencer ... read more
On this day in 1973 "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Roberta Flack was the #1 song. 1973 Average U.S. Prices  Bread: $0.27/loaf Milk: $1.36/gal Eggs: $1.22/doz Car: $4,052 Gasoline: $0.39/... read more
“We the People” Weber County is a great place to live and raise a family where strong values create a great quality of life.  We can truly say that the pioneer heritage of early settlers has been... read more
Death by Drugs and Other Killers Another celebrity bit the dust recently.  He joins a long line of famous, as well as ordinary people who have died from a drug overdose; and we mourn.  He was a... read more
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Apple Creek Bulk Food Company at 875 N. Main, Highway 89 in Willard is owned by Greg and Rachelle Arlint.  Their small business is unique in that it specializes in Amish goods.  A walk around the... read more
UAC Honors Weber County Commissioner Kerry Gibson Gibson is the first from Weber County to have received this award.   OGDEN, UTAH, February 19, 2014: One of Weber County’s own took top honors from... read more
America’s 2002 Utah Pride Thirteen years ago tens of thousands of Utahns began preparation for an event that would bring the world to their proud state. Preliminary work had begun on venues but now... read more
                                                                                          2014 Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays & Observances March Stone= Aquamarine        Flower=... read more
March 1, 2014 On this day in 1963 "Walk Like a Man" by the 4 Seasons was the #1 song.   1963 Average U.S. Prices   Bread: $0.21/loaf Milk: $1.04/gal Eggs: $0.96/doz... read more
Local News Highlights: Daily Briefing How to Sound Smart About Utah Politics - February 28, 2014 Herbert announces his solution for Medicaid expansion. A deal is reportedly in the works to scrap... read more