Perry Planning Commision

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 7:00pm

Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Notice Date & Time: 10/5/17 7:00 PM



October 5, 2017
The Perry City Planning Commission will hold a Meeting on the Thursday identified above, starting at 7:00 p.m. for the regular meeting in the City Council Room, at 3005 South 1200 West in Perry. Agenda items may vary depending on length of discussion, cancellation of scheduled items, or agenda alteration. Numbers and/or times are estimates of when agenda items will be discussed. Action on public hearing(s) will always be later in the same meeting or at a subsequent meeting. Every agenda item shall be a discussion and/or action item, unless otherwise indicated.

1. 7:00 p.m.- Call to Order and Opening Ceremonies
A. Invocation-Devin Miles
B. Pledge of Allegiance to the U.S.A.-Blake Ostler
C. Declare Conflicts of Interest, If any
D. Review and Adopt the Agenda
E. Approval of the Minutes
(a) July 6, 2017 Regular Meeting

F. Make Assignments for Representative to Attend City Council Meetings (October 12, 2017 and October 26, 2017)

2. Approx. 7:10 p.m. Public Hearings (If Listed Below) and Public Comments
Rules: (1) Please speak only once (maximum of 3 minutes) per agenda item. (2) Please speak in a courteous and professional manner. (3) Do not speak to specific member(s) of the Planning Commission, staff, or public (please speak to the Chair or to the Commission as a group). (4) Please present possible solutions for all problems identified. (5) Action may not be taken during this meeting if the item is not specifically on the agenda. (6) A brief explanation will be provided before each public hearing.
A. Public Comments

3. Land Use Applications
Rules: (1) Documentation must be submitted to planning staff 2 weeks in advance and there is a 3-week waiting period to be on the next City Council Agenda. (2) The applicant or a representative must be present for action to be taken.
A. Discussion regarding Concept Application for Yates Townhomes

4. Land Use Ordinances, Zoning, Design Guidelines, General Plan, Etc. Recommendation to the City Council
A. Discussion/Action on Ordinance 17-K Civic and Recreation Zones
B. Discussion/Action on certain sections of PMC Chapter 15.03 Planning Commission Rules of Procedure

5. Discussion
A. Discussion on the Agricultural Zone
B. Discussion on the Business License Process
C. Discussion on the Subdivision Ordinance: Final land use authority/Final
Approval Process

6. Training
A. None
7. Review Next Agenda and Adjourn
A. Motion to Adjourn