My Newest eBook just published in 2015 The Creator’s Sentinel

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My Newest eBook just published in 2015

The Creator’s Sentinel

This story is much more than just a re-telling of the Creation story. This story took ME on an Adventure with twists & turns that I could hardly imagine. I never wanted it to end! This story flowed like an unstoppable river into my head and wouldn't let go of me till I got it all down. In this story there’s Action, Adventure, Romance, Love, Faith & Sci-Fi! I hope all LDS folks like this story. It's a faith promoter to the Max!

Here’s a brief synopsis;

A notorious land schemer plots another new scam that will net him multi millions in government kickbacks & acquires land in rural Missouri. Then at site #2 of the land crooks development, a device of ancient origin is unearthed with disastrous results.

Then in an effort to gain control of the device, renowned Archeologist Matt Greenwood & his team are called in to investigate and deal with the device. But soon Matt learns the true nature of the device and of the entity that controls it.

Now in these, the last days of human control of the earth, the entity has been assigned a new mission that will change the course of all life on earth. And Matt and his team are specially invited to help the entity complete its mission.

All the while the land schemer conspires with evil elements of the U. S. Government to steal the secrets of the device and its awesome power. They will stop at Nothing to get their hands on, The Creator’s Sentinel!

The Creator’s Sentinel ©2015 by Utah Author Steve Nelson

 PS: A good deal of this story takes place right here in Utah!