Why Mormons Don’t Drink Coffee   There’a a joke going around about Mormon seminaries these days: How many missionaries does it take to convert a Jew?  Answer:  None.  Mormons are Jews.  Technically... read more
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US 89 Shoulders Project - September 21, 2017   Current Work ▪ Crews have completed shoulder paving between Blazer Plastics and 8200 South. ▪ Crews plan to begin... read more
Do Farm Animals Merit our Compassion and Respect? Dear Editor, We are a nation of special observances. There is even a World Day for Farm Animals, observed on October 2nd (Gandhi's birthday).... read more
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The question of the year seems to be "Why isn't Congress doing anything?"  Why are they sitting on their hands? We've seen a lack of action on tax reform and a refusal to confirm federal judges. Now... read more
New Map of Utah Earthquakes and Faults Now Available   Salt Lake City (Sept. 21, 2017) – The Utah Geological Survey (UGS), University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS), and Utah Division of... read more
Land Use Authority/Planning Commission MEETING MINUTES Notice Date & Time: 9/20/17 6:30 PM Description/Agenda:   See Attached Minutes Download Attachments: 110916_001.MP3 Audio... read more
  BASELINE SOLUTIONS AND BODY BUDDIES to share business models at 1 MILLION CUPS ~ OGDEN  ENTREPRENUERS EVENT   A free, monthly program developed by the Kauffman Foundation to help build local... read more
Walker Lukens Releases New Album Tell It To The Judge   **Now Available via Billboard, Spotify, iTunes, & Amazon**   Watch "Don't Wanna Be Lonely (Don't Wanna Leave You Alone)" on Ones To... read more