A confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, because he may have once opposed Roe V. Wade on abortion, is not likely to be as threatening as portrayed by our Democratic Party medias.   In the first... read more
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Giant Squid Cupcakes | A Beach Party Dessert Idea We have quick and easy giant squid cupcakes for your next beach party. Eight adorable legs, two giant eyes, and a fluffy head make this octopus... read more
ocuments Updated APC071818 - Amend.pdf - 7/13/18 12:24 PM 180718_001.MP3 - 7/18/18 8:56 PM Land Use Authority/Planning Commission Planning Commission Meeting Notice Date & Time: 7/18/... read more
Save the Date Tue, Jul 24: 24th ANNUAL NATIVE AMERICAN CELEBRATION IN PARK POWWOW & FESTIVAL at Liberty Park - Salt Lake City, Utah Tue, Jul 24: Pioneer Day Fireworks Show -... read more
Sen. Lee Meets with Judge Kavanaugh   WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Wednesday after meeting with Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.   “It was a pleasure... read more
New House Member Sworn in Salt Lake City – Today, the Utah House of Representatives welcomes the newest House member Marsha Judkins. The Utah County Republicans selected Rep. Judkins to fill the... read more
Rolling Festival includes Free Activities for Spectators at Nine Host Venues along Tour of Utah Course   Experience Packages Available Online for All Seven Days of Racing       SALT... read more
Some Dare Call It Treason by Mel Gurtov 1068 words Is Donald Trump not merely gullible, uninformed, and indifferent but actually treasonous when it comes to Russia? More and more high-profile people... read more
Nikki Haley: UN Human Rights Council ‘Greatest Failure’ of UN Jul 19, 2018   Good morning from Washington, where President Trump makes a course correction under fire on Russian... read more
Sen. Lee Statement on European Commission Google Decision   WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Wednesday responding to the European Commission’s Google decision.   “... read more