Documents Updated min0808 2017.docx - 8/15/17 4:36 PM Weber County Commission Weber County Commission Notice Date & Time: 8/8/17 10:00 AM Description/Agenda:   PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby... read more
Egyptian Theatre Foundation brings International Super-Group to Ogden Crosscurrents set to perform Monday, October 30, 2017   Ogden, UT (August 10, 2017) - Crosscurrents led by Grammy Award Winner,... read more
American FUBAR   The disgraceful events in Charlottesville, Virginia prove to me that love is a stronger force than hate.  It may not seem so by watching the cable news networks, and it may not seem... read more
Utah is well known for its natural beauty with white-capped mountain tops, enormous canyons and flowing streams, but in the feature Ogden stood out for also offering its own man-made artistic touches... read more
punished.  Doctors can have their licenses suspended or revoked, fines levied, and prison time given.  Insurance companies who are found to be defrauding the system will not only be fined, but they... read more
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Get ready to be a part of another great experience right here in our own town. Chalk It Up North is happening again in North Ogden for the second year in a row.  What is Chalk It Up North?  It all... read more
2017 UTAH STATE FAIR   Utah State Fairpark, Salt Lake City- For the 162nd time, the Utah State Fairpark is happy to announce the Utah State Fair! It will take place September 7th-17th. This year’s... read more
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Donald “Goldfinger” Trump vs. Kim “The Meatball” Jong-un   I brand things.  It’s both an art and a science, but mostly it’s an unmissable observation.  In the advertising business it was my job to... read more
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