Pleasant View February News

Monday, February 12, 2018 - 11:00am
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

A message from Mayor Leonard Call:

February brings an exciting time. The country will be enjoying the 2018 Winter Olympics. Families, friends, and loved ones will be remembering each other during the Valentine’s Day celebrations, and we also remember those that have been elected to the highest office in the county during President’s Day, a federal holiday first established to celebrate and honor the birth of America’s first President.

By the late 1980s, some states and (most significantly) retail establishments advertised “President’s Day” and the name has stuck ever since. Let us celebrate not just the people that have been elected President, but the concept behind the election of these positions. The freedom that this represents.  Many see this holiday simply as a day off work, with great sales on furniture and mattresses, instead of a day to celebrate and honor the American Presidency in general.

I would hope as we enjoy watching our men and women participate in the Olympics, as we watch our flag being raised in salute of victory and our national anthem played to honor those accomplishments, that we could have an increase in pride and greater optimism for the future of this great country. I would like to report that we have had several meetings as a new council and that we are committed to being even more united and dedicated to working in a harmonious environment to conduct the affairs of this great city. We have been moving forward on many projects and establishing priorities for the new year. Improving our ability to handle our storm water more effectively has been a big concern. It appears that we have been having a “100-year storm” about once a year lately, and these mega-storms quickly tax our current system’s ability to handle the massive amounts of water they produce. We are committed to finding solutions to protect our citizens’ property as well as our downstream neighbors.

On behalf of the City Council, the administration, the staff and me, we thank you for your support, for your choice to not only live in Pleasant View, but to call it your home.

Leonard Call, Mayor

Summer youth t-ball, baseball and softball program introduces and develops age-appropriate skills and game play strategies that lead to steady improvement and a lifelong enjoyment of the game. Children will be taught proper technique, and will be given the time to practice, master, and build upon learned skills. They will also be given plenty of opportunity to showcase their newly developed skills in scheduled league games that are centered on positive encouragement, inclusion, and sportsmanship. All registered children will participate in weekly practices and a 7 game season. Children will receive a team t-shirt, team cap, and most equipment is provided (bats, helmets, etc.). Just bring your glove, and let's play!

Registration: March 1st - 31st

T-Ball: Open to all Kindergarten students

Softball/ Baseball: Open to all 1st-9th grade students

Students of the Month from Weber High School is Jordan “Chipper” Talbot; Skye Herrera from  Maria Montessori Academy; Brooklynn Edwards from North Ogden Junior High School; and Talen Chadburn  from Orion Junior High School. Great job students!

Too often, a kid is alone at lunch, bullied in a classroom, or alone at recess. Grant Knight, a junior at Weber High, and his friends are trying to change that. Their solution: Buddy Benches. “My team and I hope that we will be able to make a positive impact to help elementary school students learn how to include others and make friends,” Knight explains. The idea is that a bench can be placed outside at recess where a student may sit if they don’t feel included, feel low for the day, or are just alone. Other students will see this bench, and the person on it, and respond in the loving, caring ways that children do. Knight continues, “This bench gives those who are hesitant to make new friends or get involved a means by which they can be noticed. We hope that by instilling the importance of inclusion in children while they are young will make a great change for good in our community.” Knight first thought of this idea as his Eagle Scout Project as he met with Mrs. Gilstrap, principal of Green Acres Elementary. Together, the idea was born and carried out as Knight collected enough donations from neighbors and community members to get two Buddy Benches for Green Acres. After seeing the difference the benches made, and hearing the many success stories, Knight knew he needed to branch out further.

School Calendar

Feb 10 Weber – ACT Testing Date

Feb 13 Weber – Girls Basketball – Northridge @ Weber – 5:15-7pm

Weber – Boys Basketball – Northridge @ Weber – 7-9pm

Feb 14 NOJH – PTSA Valentine’s Stomp in Small Gym

Feb 15 NOJH – Girls Basketball – Roy @ NOJH – 3pm

Orion – Girls Basketball – Rocky Mtn. @ Orion – 3-5pm

Feb 16 Comp. Day – NO SCHOOL

Weber – Boys Basketball - @ Davis – 7-9pm

Feb 19 President’s Day – NO SCHOOL

Feb 20 Weber – Girls Basketball – State Tournament

Orion – District Choir Festival Performance – 7-8:30pm

Feb 21 Weber – Parent/Teacher Conferences

Weber – Boys Basketball - @ Syracuse – 7-9pm

MMA – Science Fair

NOJH – Girls Basketball @ Rocky – 3pm

Feb 22 Weber – Girls Basketball – State Tournament

Weber – Utah Higher Ed Day – 12-2:30pm

Weber County School District Science Fair

Feb 23 Weber – Girls Basketball – State Tournament

NOJH & Orion – District Beginning

Orchestra Festival @ Fremont – 8am-2pm

Orion – Girls Basketball @ NOJH – 3-5pm

Feb 24 Weber – Debate – Region 1 Meet @ Clearfield

Weber – Girls Basketball – State Tournament

Feb 26 Weber – Tryouts – Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Track, Golf, Tennis

Elementary Schools – Storytelling Festival

Feb 27 Weber – ACT Test Date (All Juniors)

Weber – Boys Basketball – State Tournament

NOJH – Festival Concert – 7pm

Orion – Girls Basketball – Wahlquist @ Orion – 3-5pm

Elementary Schools – Storytelling Festival

Feb 28 Orion – Choir Concert – 6:30-7:30pm

Senior Calendar

  • Mondays    8:30 Ceramics   10:00 Line Dancing   12:30 Pinochle   1:00 Computer Lab  1:00 Knitting & Crocheting

                                 2:00 Tap Dancing

  • Tuesdays   9:30 Art    10:00 Line Dancing    12:30 Weight Lifting (Strength Exercises)   12:30 MahJong
  • Wednesdays   9:00 Wood Carving  9:30 Bridge   10:00 Line Dancing   12:30 Pinochle Income Tax Prep (to set-up, call 782-6211)   Foot Clinic  2nd and 3rd Wed. 10:00am
  • Thursdays    1:00 Center Opens   1:00 Tap Dancing    5:00 Dinner   5:30 Entertainment  Income Tax Prep (to set-up, call 782-6211)
  • Fridays  8:30 Ceramics   10:00 Alzheimers respite   10:00 Yoga (bring own mat)

Feb. 15    Grief Group – 2:30pm    Sing a Long – 5:30pm

Feb. 17    Gary Romer/Potluck – 7:00pm

Feb. 19    Closed for President’s Day

Feb. 22    Bingo – 5:30pm

For seniors 55 or older

Lunch    11:45 AM - Mon, Tues, Wed, and Fri

Dinner  5:00 PM - Thurs (Opens at 1:00 PM)

Prices Seniors over age 60 - $3.00    Seniors under age 60 - $6.00

Hours Mon. Tues. Wed. 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM    Thurs. 1:00 PM-7:30 PM    Fri. 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM


  • Saturdays  Locomotive Restoration Project – Ogden Union Station – 9:30am-1pm
  • Saturdays  Winter Farmers Market – Ogden Union Station – 9am-2pm

Feb 10 Changing Lanes Concert – Motown Hits – Viridian Center, W. Jordan, 7-12pm

Feb 14 Jazz at the Station – Ogden Union Station – 7-8pm

Feb 15 George Brown Quintet Concert – Gallivan Center -7:30-12pm

Feb 16 Family Valentines Dance – Central Davis Jr. High Gym – 7-9:30pm

Feb 17 Best N’ West Barrel Race – Ogden Golden Spike Center – 9am-3pm

Feb 17 The Great Backyard Bird Count – Ogden Nature Center – 9:30-10:30am

Feb 24 8th Annual Ogden Seed Swap – Ogden Prep. Academy – 10am-Noon

Feb 26 Weber State Storytelling Festival – 9:30-12:30am