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Monday, August 12, 2019 - 1:00pm
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STATEMENT on new Interior Department rules that weaken Endangered Species Act enforcement



DENVER—The Interior Department today announced three final rules that collectively weaken enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. In response, the Center for Western Priorities released the following statement from Executive Director Jennifer Rokala:

“Secretary Bernhardt has worked his entire career to weaken wildlife protections for the sake of more drilling and mining. As a lobbyist and lawyer, Bernhardt sued the Interior Department over Endangered Species Act implementation. Now he’s hand delivering another policy favor to his former clients in the oil and gas industry.

“Bernhardt’s record as Interior Secretary is shameful. At a time when wildlife are facing increasing threats from oil and gas development and climate change, he is gutting bedrock wildlife protections and rolling back public health safeguards on drilling. This is what you get when an oil lobbyist is in charge of our public lands.”

Since joining the Trump administration, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has taken repeated actions to weaken wildlife protections, blocking a report on pesticide impacts to endangered species, eliminating habitat protections for the sage-grouse, and opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for drilling. According to the New York Times, Bernhardt directed staff to strip protections for endangered fish in California, a key goal of one of his major lobbying clients.

During the Trump administration, the Interior Department has acted swiftly on extractive industry policy proposals. An analysis by the Center for Western Priorities found the agency has completed or taken action on at least 53 policy changes requested or supported by energy companies and trade associations, including at least 21 actions to reduce protections for wildlife.

Learn more:

For more information, visit westernpriorities.org. To speak with an expert on public lands, contact Aaron Weiss at 720-279-0019 or aaron@westernpriorities.org. Sign up for Look West to get daily public lands and energy news sent to your inbox.


The Center for Western Priorities is a conservation policy and advocacy organization focused on land and energy issues across the American West.


Colbert, A Landmark Green New Deal For Utah, Maher, How to Get Clean Air in Utah-NOW, Samantha Bee

Colbert: America's Gun Culture Is Melting Down

Thumbs-Up! The President and the First Lady holding the two-month-old infant of Jordan and Andre Anchondo. They are parents who died protecting the child during the El Paso shooting.

Steve Urquhart: Salt Lake City Needs the Vision of Dabakis for Mayor

Dissecting New Mexico’s Awesome ‘Mini’ Green New Deal. The Energy Transition Act could be a model for ambitious Utah policies of the future.

Bill Maher: Tragedy Meets Trump

After a Generation of Excuses: Want Really Clean Air? Here is How to Do It On the Fast Track! Let's get cars off the roads. Free system-wide UTA might get rid of 30% of the cars. A fantastic clean air solution! The cost could come from the state's $660 million dollar a year subsidy to roads and fossil fuels. With just $200 million dollars from that $660 million and we have paid the $53 million for free fare (fare box is only 11% of their revenues). Leaving another $147 million left for added frequency and last-mile solutions across the entire system. It would work--we just need political vision to get it done.

I Agree with the Deseret News’ Jay Evensen: Utah Must Take the Full Expansion! Now!  

Samantha Bee: Just Another Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week of Gun Violence (warning ribald)

The Utah Supreme Court Last Week Killed What the People Voted for in Medical Cannabis. The Court upheld the kooky GOP 'compromise' that is making it virtually impossible to help Utah's suffering. Additionally, the Utah Supremes did even more long-term damage. They ruled lock-step with the state establishment--against the people.










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Los Angeles, CA - August 12, 2019 - Art Alexakis, the charismatic frontman of the multi-platinum rock band Everclear, has announced his debut solo album, Sun Songs. Due out on October 11th via The End Records/BMG, the long-awaited solo record marks a new chapter in the legendary frontman's career, as he explores sounds, styles and lyrical subjects outside the normal realm of Everclear. In support, Alexakis will embark on a solo tour, including select US, UK and Ireland dates, this October. See below for a full list of dates. Tickets go on sale this Friday, August 16th at 10AM Eastern Time. For more information, please visit: http://everclearmusic.com.


While Art Alexakis has always been the driving force behind Everclear, his solo work finally offers him an opportunity to create music solely on his own, without any preconceived notion or collaborative influence as to what it should sound like. On his debut solo album Sun Songs, Alexakis shares, "For the most part, it's an acoustic singer-songwriter type of album. It's not about making another Everclear record; it's about doing something that's just me."


Creating outside of the Everclear realm has given Alexakis the chance to explore styles and sounds that don't necessarily work for his band. His solo work will push the boundaries of what to expect from an Art Alexakis composition, as he cites everything from classic country to hip hop, to the great acoustic singer-songwriters of the 1970's as major influences for this record. "I'm pushing my ability and pushing the envelope, and having fun at the same time," Alexakis continues. "I've always wanted to do something like this."


The long-awaited solo record ultimately comes at a time of transition in Alexakis' life. After announcing his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis earlier this year, the formidable songwriter is in the most honest and vulnerable place he has ever been.


Sun Songs is due out Friday, October 11th, 2019 via The End Records/BMG.


Sun Songs

1. Sunshine Love Song

2. California Blood

3. A House With A Pool

4. Orange

5. The Hot Water Test

6. Arizona Star

7. Look At Us Now

8. White People Scare Me

9. Sing Away

10. Line In The Sand

11. A Seat At The Table


Art Alexakis Solo Tour:

8th Oct - Evanston, IL - Space

9th Oct - Pittsburgh, PA - Hard Rock Cafe

10th Oct - Boston, MA - City Winery

14th Oct - Manchester, UK - Night & Day Café

15th Oct - Norwich, UK - Epic Studios

16th Oct - London, UK - O2 Academy Islington

18th Oct - Glasgow, UK - Broadcast

19th Oct - Birmingham, UK - Actress & Bishop

20th Oct - Dublin, IE - The Sound House




Formed by Art Alexakis in 1992 in Portland, Oregon, Everclear has enjoyed a lengthy career spanning 9 original studio releases, numerous videos, and thousands of shows and accolades that include a 1998 Grammy nomination for So Much For The Afterglow. The band remains active today, most recently issuing Black is the New Black in 2015 and touring extensively around the world. Alexakis also created and performs as part of the annual Summerland Tour, which features a package bill of popular '90s alt rock bands.


Website: https://www.everclearmusic.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/everclear

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EverclearBand

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArtAlexakis

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everc


What Buying Habits Tell Marketers

About Each Generation


Each generation has unique experiences, lifestyles, and demographics that influence their buying behaviors, financial experts say. And studies show these distinguishing factors often lead to different spending habits between generations.


As a result, many companies are reaching out to consumers and trying to understand — and gain the attention of — these diverse buyers, says Gui Costin (www.guicostin.com), an entrepreneur, consultant and author of Millennials Are Not Aliens.


“This type of multi-generational marketing is the practice of appealing to the unique needs and behaviors of individuals within different generational groups,” says Costin. “In terms of finding and retaining buyers, companies cannot underestimate those generational differences.”


Costin discusses how the buying habits of different generations are influenced by environmental factors and how businesses must focus their marketing efforts accordingly:


Millennials. Now comprising the highest percentage of the workforce, this generation (born roughly from 1981 to 1995) receives considerable marketing attention. Many millennials grew up immersed in the digital world — a big difference from previous generations — and they think globally. “Attract this group early and earn its loyalty by appealing to their belief that they can make the future better,” Costin says. “Traditional mass marketing approaches do not work well with younger consumers. Be sure they know that your organization’s mission speaks to a purpose greater than the bottom line, e.g., globalization and climate change. Give them systematic feedback because they value positive reinforcement at accelerated rates and want more input.” 

Generation X. Following the baby boomers and preceding the millennials, their tastes are different from previous generations. “Because they have greater financial restraints, they often shop at value-oriented retailers,” Costin says. “On the other hand, they have a reputation of being incredibly disloyal to brands and companies. Generation Xers like initiatives that will make things more useful and practical. They demand trust to the extent that if your organization does not follow through once, then you are likely to lose them.”

Baby Boomers. This demographic group, with many now in retirement or nearing it, includes those born from 1946 to 1964. Health is a major concern, and change is not something they embrace. “They appreciate options and want quick fixes that require little change and instant improvement,” Costin says. “They do not like bureaucracy — but give them a cause to fight for and they will give their all. Focus on building value and they will be less price-sensitive. While this group may be aging, they’re focused on breaking the mold of what 60 and beyond looks like.” 


The Silent Generation. Born between 1925 and 1945, this group represents the oldest Americans and, Costin says, typically is labeled with traditional values such as discipline, self-denial, hard work, conformity, and financial conservatism. “It’s important to earn their trust,” says Costin, “as they believe that a person’s word is his or her bond. Patriotism, team-building, and sacrifice for the common good are appealing to this generation. As a group, they aren’t particularly interested in the information age; however, the younger members of this generation are one of the fastest-growing groups of internet users.”

“Communicating with customers in different generations can be challenging,” Costin says. “However, all generations appreciate honesty and authenticity. As environmental factors change, transparency and genuine interactions remain important to everyone.”


About Gui Costin

Gui Costin (www.guicostin.com), author of the No. 1 Bestseller Millennials Are Not Aliens, is an entrepreneur, and founder of Dakota, a company that sells and markets institutional investment strategies. Dakota is also the creator of two software products: Draft, a database that contains a highly curated group of qualified institutional investors; and Stage, a content platform built for institutional due diligence analysts where they can learn an in-depth amount about a variety of investment strategies without having to initially talk to someone. Dakota’s mission is to level the playing field for boutique investment managers so they can compete with bigger, more well-resourced investment firms.


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What Is Your Definition Of Success?

5 Tips To Find It


While building and maintaining a thriving business may not be easy, experts in entrepreneurial endeavors say that building a personal brand first is key. In fact, some studies show that today’s consumers trust big brands less and prefer buying from a person they view as authentic and relatable.


But before building a personal brand, it’s important for an entrepreneur to define what constitutes their own brand of success, says Ngan Nguyen (www.nganhnguyen.com), an intuitive strategist and author of Self-Defined Success: You Have Everything It Takes.


“Fulfillment and extraordinary results only come when you strive to achieve your authentic success,” Nguyen says. “The key is figuring out what that is and navigating that path. The good news is that we each already have everything it takes to navigate that path. It is essential, because we each have unique gifts, passions, and talents that can create amazing impact in the world and differentiate ourselves and our businesses.”


Nguyen offers five ways to define your own brand of success that can lead to running a successful business:


Get unstuck by unleashing your inner self. “We feel stuck when there is a lack of clarity and the path in front of us is not aligned with our authenticity,” Nguyen says. “Stagnancy and negative happenings force us to look inside ourselves at who we really are and what we really want. Detail those things, and now you’ll have the blueprint to create change and growth. Getting clear on this enables us to lead ourselves and our business to forge ahead on a new path.”


Act on your new authenticity. “Our full potential comes out when we are fully committed to creating a result that fully expresses who we are and what we love,” Nguyen says. “Without that clarity and without acting upon our newly discovered authentic selves, there will always be a bit of reservation. And with that reservation comes lackluster results that are not a reflection of our true potential.”


Keep the vision in mind. Nguyen says much of our untapped potential lies in unused intelligence. “Leaders who leverage their vision can effectively navigate a path to success in a competitive marketplace,” Nguyen says. “Any vision that we can imagine, this infinite intelligence knows how to bring about. The question is how we go about influencing our subconscious in the right way so that it serves us. We do this by holding and keeping an image of a life we desire, and feeding it through repetition long enough that our mind goes to work to aid us in creating it.”


Make your passion your fuel. “The power to create extraordinary results requires this critical ingredient,” Nguyen says. “Passion is contagious, ignites the heart, and motivates the team. It energizes and sparks the pull forward through all barriers, uncertainty, and challenges.”


Have the will to make decisions that move toward your dream. Nguyen says the difference between those who make their dreams happen and those who don’t isn’t always a matter of intelligence but often is a matter of consistent will in decision-making. “You must have the intention to keep moving forward,” Nguyen says. “There is an energy shift that is experienced in the decision-making process, where a desire goes from wanting to being because you’ve concluded that the dream must come true no matter what.”


“Most of us are not accessing our full potential,” Nguyen says. “We need more people to bring their passion, humanity, wisdom and mastery into the world, and achieving this is easier than you may think.”


About Ngan Nguyen


Ngan Nguyen (www.nganhnguyen.com) is the author of Self-Defined Success: You Have Everything It Takes, and the founder/CEO of Cintamani Group, an executive coaching and consulting firm. Nguyen coaches on leadership and empowers entrepreneurs as an intuitive strategist. With over a decade of business strategy experience as an advisor to Fortune 100 companies, Nguyen is also a certified master-level intelligent leadership executive coach with John Mattone and was an analyst for McKinsey & Company. Nguyen graduated with a double honors degree in biochemistry-biophysics and bioengineering from Oregon State University and completed a research fellowship at MIT in nanotechnology.