Pleasant View Hometown May Updates

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 11:30am
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

Pleasant View project updates:

·         Two restrooms are finally being installed in Shady Lane Park

·         The sidewalk project along 2250 North has the right-of-way cleared and will be starting soon

·         The water project has the pipe in the ground and the pump house work will soon start

·         The Evergreen Bypass’ pond project is going out to bid. Storm waters needing to be moved from the canal to the water basin west of Highway 89

·         The road maintenance has been crack sealing and the bidding for the overlays, chip seal and patching are now up for bids

·         Skyline Drive environmental document has been signed.  There will be more engineering of the road and surveying needs to be done, so the additional property can be purchased

·         4300 North/500 West road construction will be placed out for bid. This will connect 4300 North from 500 West to 350 West in front of the new fire department

The City budget for 2017/2018 will be presented to the City council within the next month.

Stop by City Hall to pick up your green waste vouchers before you dispose of your yard waste.

Mark your calendar for Pleasant Views Founders Day!! During the Founders’ day celebration, there are plans for a Trap shoot, Pickle Ball, movie-in-the-park, 5K run, breakfast, and parade. New this year is the mayor’s water slide at Barker’s Park, bounce houses, car show, Salmon bake and of course the Fireworks show.

Students of the month of April are Sydney Edstrom from Weber High, Rachel Ganer from North Ogden Jr. High, Alex Payne from Maria Montessori School, and Akaisha Kondo from Orion Jr. High. Congratulations for a job well done.

The City has asked that people consider support of the North Ogden Kiwanis as they have been a big part of the area and support of our local schools. They have achieved a lot over the last 75 years. Contact John Reynolds at 28 White Barn Dr. Pleasant View Ogden 84414 for more information.

Pleasant View City is in the process of updating the City website from the ground up because they realize isn’t as easy to use as it should be.  In the future, they’d like to better organize the City’s publications and forms so you can find them in one place. We’ll update this page as we release enhanced designs. Thank you for your patience.

The Utah Division of Water Resources can neither confirm nor deny that hundreds of Utahans have been consumed by the Graboids from Tremors after multiple underground monsters broke through their landscapes due to shallow, overwatered root systems.

“It is OK this time of year to let your lawn’s roots reach a little deeper. This will make your landscape more resilient in the long-term, and your grass will be greener for it,” said Faye Rutishauser, Utah Division of Water Resources Water Conservation Coordinator. “Plus, shallow root systems put little protection between you and the Graboids,” Rutishauser said.

As a result, the division is asking most Utahans to wait a little longer before running their sprinkler systems, and to spot water dry areas. #H2Oath #SlowTheFlow