Farr West Elementary News

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 10:15am

Sorry for the long email, but we need your help with a few things here at school:

1-Please keep lunch accounts current. You can check balances online or call our office for help.

2-Thank you for checking in with our office when you visit our school to volunteer or eat lunch. In order to maintain school safety for every child, parents may not be out on playground playing or talking with students. If you need to visit with your child, please let our office know and we can have them come to the office.

3-We are seeing an increase in electronic devices at recess. Our policy is as follows:
Because of the risk that these devices may be broken, lost, or stolen, students are discouraged from bringing them to school. If an extenuating circumstance requires that the device be brought to school it must be turned off and stored in backpacks, book-bags or other areas designated by the teacher. Simply put, they should not be seen or heard.

Student cell phones and music devices may only be used before and after school. They are not to be seen, heard, or used during school hours.

Students bring digital media devices on school property or to school activities at their own risk. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged electronic equipment.

Students are strictly responsible for their own digital media devices. If devices are borrowed or taken and misused by non-owners, device owners are jointly responsible for the misuse or applicable policy violation(s).

4-As it gets warmer, please make sure your child follows our school dress policies so we don’t have to contact you to bring clothing to school. Our policy is as follows:

No Short shorts or skirts (short/skirts must extend to just above the knee or lower)

No Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs or backs, and/or see through clothing (This includes halter, tube, and tank tops and straps less than 3” across the shoulder


Thanks for your help. Please contact the school if you have questions.


Laura Wright