Farr West City - Documents Updates

Friday, May 3, 2019 - 12:15pm

Documents Updated

City Council

City Council Meeting

Notice Date & Time: 4/18/19 6:00 PM -4/18/19 9:00 PM



Notice is hereby given that the City Council of Farr West City will hold a work session and its regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, 2019

6:00-7:00 p.m. - Work session to discuss the Happy Days Subdivision

Regular Meeting
1. Call to Order - Mayor Lee Dickemore
2. Opening Ceremony
a. Pledge of Allegiance
b. Prayer
3. Comments/Reports
a. Public Comments (Resident(s) attending this meeting will be allotted 2 minutes to express a concern or ask a question about any issue that IS NOT ON THE AGENDA. No action can or will be taken on any issue presented.)
b. Report from Planning Commission
4. Business Items
a. Approval of Business Licenses - Apex Racing & Auto Sales - Antonio Beckstead
Armorfish Designs
Island View Dental Laboratory
b. Approval of a conditional use request for a 2,400 square foot accessory building for Marta Nimori located at 1257 North 1725 West - Marta Nimori
c. Discussion/Action - Preliminary Approval of the Happy Days Subdivision located at 3300 North 2575 West - Kenny Palmer
d. Discussion/Action - Recycled Earth Contract
e. Appointment of Greg Baptist and Steve Hurd as alternate members of the Farr West City Planning Commission
5. Consent Items
a. Approval of minutes dated March 28, 2018
b. Approval of payment of bills dated April 17, 2019
c. Set additional budget work session
6. Mayor/Council Follow-up
a. Report on Assignments
7. Adjournment