North Ogden City Council 4-year seat Candidates

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 8:15am


Charlotte Ekstrom - North Ogden City Council 4-year seat

Charlotte’s involvement in the community and experience has long served North Ogden. Beginning as Miss North Ogden in 1991, and continuing as a school parent association officer, community basketball coach, and Youth City Council advisor running a restaurant and home-based business, volunteering, teaching yoga and more. My business supports numerous schools, church and community charitable efforts by donating time, money, and other resources.

Charlotte stated “I am a possibility-seeking, abundance-minded North Ogden native, eager to serve on the city council as a leader, communicator, problem solver and collaborator,” she said. She can relate easily, she continued, “to people of varied backgrounds.” She has honed these skills as a local restaurant owner, community volunteer, home-based business operator, yoga instructor, and COO of a family of eight.

Graduated first in Weber High class as a State Sterling Scholar finalist and Magna Cum Laude in Accounting from USU. She also has continued her education with being a graduate of Landmark Curriculum for Living and a Certified Vimana Yoga instructor.

On the Council, I will:

 ENGAGE in respectful dialogue to understand and convey ideas to shape and grow our city, creating a place for individuals and families to thrive. ENRICH resident’s lives by responsibly managing resources to provide sound infrastructure, appropriate protection, and shared experiences to connect us. EMPOWER North Ogden residents to govern themselves.

Ronald Flamm - Council Member - 4 year term

Ronald moved to North Ogden in 1958. He graduated from Weber High and Weber State with a degree in Accounting. He spent 2 years in Japan and have had many years of service in scouting as a scoutmaster, roundtable commissioner, district commissioner, chartered organization representative, etc. 

He previously managed an insurance agency that employed more than 50 agents and has also worked with companies in creating employee benefit plans and aided others with estate and financial planning. Being semi-retired, he said, “I have time to serve

He currently owns an office building in West Valley and a ranch in Wyoming. One of his hobbies is family history. He has recently spent time with a 97-year-old friend helping him build his family tree. He married Kathleen Tillotson in 1974. They have 4 children and 14 grandchildren. 

Ronald served on the North Ogden City Council from 2004 through 2011 and he cited construction of the North Shore Aquatic Center during his tenure. “I enjoyed seeing the $4 million North Shore pool built, without increasing taxes,” he said. He served on the North Ogden City Council for 8 years from 2004-2012

Ronald is semi-retired, he said “I have time to serve.”

Julie Anderson - North Ogden City Council 4-year seat

Julie was Born in Manchester, England, moved to the United States in 1979, and became an American citizen in 1982. She is the wife of Dale Anderson, mother of three boys and grandmother of four wonderful grandchildren.  She keeps herself very busy being a substitute teacher for the Weber School District and worked as an office manager Weber County for many years.

Anderson has been active in the Republican Party and has advocated for bills focused on children’s rights before the Utah Legislature. She’s a regular at North Ogden City Council meetings and works as a substitute teacher for the Weber School District.

Julie’s engagement with the North Ogden City community spans 30 years. She has been a key figure in starting the petition to prevent a public works building from being constructed in Barker Park, a property sold to the City with the promise of maintaining green space. She helps ensure the Rice Creek Cove Subdivision, which is currently being built, maintains the integrity of the area. She attends many meetings of both the City Council and Planning Commissions. Julie and her husband Dale served as leaders of the North Ogden Jr Posse for the past 27 years-- a city institution. During this time, she served in many capacities in leadership roles.

“One of Julie’s goals as a member of the council is ensuring transparency and openness, particularly when it comes to spending the city’s money,” her campaign statement reads. “She believes we need to take care of immediate needs before the wants.”  She believes in this beautiful city and strives to be an advocate for its citizens. As a council member she would like to make sure that the money residents have entrusted her spent with a symbiotic balance of residential and commercial properties

Commercial and residential interests should “work together in harmony,” she said, also touting the import of involving the public in city governance. “To show the residents they too can make a difference and that their voices can be heard, lines of communication must be open.”

Julie’s strives to help build a North Ogden community that looks to the past as they work towards the future.


Michael Anaya - Council Member - 4 year term


Michael owns a small business in North Ogden and serve in the following capacities: Vice-Chair of the Boys and Girls Club of Weber/Davis, board member of Catholic Community Services, active member of the Ogden-Weber Chamber of Commerce and Ogden Rotary Club.

North Ogden is growing. How do we govern that growth in a responsible manner while still preserving our values?  We have an opportunity to define our community by how we manage this growth. Planning for our future in terms of economic development, affordable housing, and community services means working together to achieve common goals. 

Michael says “I bring a fresh and different perspective, which allows me to be more open to new ideas and possibilities,”

He continues with “I believe in being fiscally conservative while providing necessary services to our residents. We need to retain our city employees through competitive compensation and advancement opportunities. By working together with the mayor, fellow city councilors, and members of the North Ogden community, the best decisions can be made to maximize the quality of life for all of us. The valuable experience I have gained over the years will help me to diligently serve the community of North Ogden City.

Managing future growth is a big issue. “How do we govern that growth in a responsible manner while still preserving our values? We have an opportunity to define our community by how we manage this growth,” he said.


Ryan M. Barker - Council Member - 4-year term

Ryan, was appointed to a vacant seat on the city council in April 2018, is seeking election to the body for the first time.

During his time on the City Council he has learned a lot about the City of North Ogden. He currently works at North View Fire District as the Fire Marshal. He has learned and understand how Government budgets are prepared and operate. He has an understanding of the different streams our City obtains revenue.  

During his time on the City Council he has had the opportunity to listen and speak with many residents about projects occurring in North Ogden. He tries to listen to all concerns and try to make the best decisions possible. He feels it is important to listen to what North Ogden residents want and how the Council's decisions impact their lives. He has taken the position on the City Council seriously and has tried to be prepared for each City Council meeting. He is honored to be a representative of North Ogden and have the opportunity to work for the betterment of North Ogden. 


Randy Winn - Council Member - 4-year term

Randy is a USU graduate with 45 years of company (retired CEO) and small business experience. He is a current Republican Party state delegate, and the Chairman of the North View Seniors Board of Trustees. He brings 50 years of Church service and leadership experience, and he is an Air Force veteran.     

Out of a great love for North Ogden, and with the encouragement from friends, family and City leaders Randy has decided to run for the North Ogden City Council. He has been active in city government for seven years, frequently participating in discussions at regular City Council meetings and other forums.   

“When he first ran, I joined Brent Taylor’s mayoral campaign team because I appreciated his pledge for open and cooperative governance,” Randy said. “I pledge the same.”

 “We live in an exceptional little city, with the quaintness of a small town yet many of the amenities of a larger city. It will take wise leadership to keep this balance in place during a period of rapid growth,” he said. He would also put a focus on keeping spending and taxes in check.


Terry BexelL - Council Member - 4-year term

Terry was raised in Ogden and graduated from Ben Lomond High School in 1973. He started his own business in 1974 at age 19 as a distributor for Wynn Oil Company and became the leading distributor in the world. He and Lynne moved to North Ogden in 1978. He left the automotive business arena in 1984 and went to work as a Personal Financial Representative for New York Life. In 1989 he helped start a new agency for Minnesota Life as sales manager/trainer and sales for 23 years. He currently works for Allstate Financial. He has been a sales leader for over 35 years. His love of people has been his motivation to help them take care of their families and grow a retirement.

 He has been married to Lynne Burrell for 46 wonderful years and has been honored to raise and be the proud father of three.

Terry noted his involvement in the community. “His skills in communicating and working with people is the reason he wants to serve,” he stated, Terry has been active in the community and enjoys the outdoors.


Meg Sanders- Council Member - 4-year term

Meg has some statistics that are hard to ignore.  There have been six (6) times the developer agreement between North Ogden City and Village at Prominence Point has been amended in favor of the builder.

There are 15 years combined, each incumbent has served on the North Ogden City Council, time for new blood.

$1.788 million tax dollars North Ogden City owes developer, Randy Marriott, who is looking to annex and rezone 200 acres as mixed-use along the bench. (Why $1.788 Million)

Red is the color North Ogden is currently shrouded in for the 2019 fiscal year.

Sanders calls for taking a sterner line with developers in light of expected growth.

Meg believes with the constant promises that development and growth is inevitable in our fair city, developers start towing the line. No more amendments, no more grandiose plans neither the builder nor the City can uphold.

Meg’s family settled in this area many years ago and would like to see a little brake pumping happening. She wants to keep a small-town feel and it can happen, even while respecting a landowner’s rights—no more small plots with big houses, no more high-density rezones, and a promise to stick to the 2015 General Plan. She wants her children to feel the magic North Ogden has to offer. whether it be biking the trails, fishing at Cold Springs Trout Farm, or playing in the water at Orton Park. Meg states “I will work passionately to preserve what makes our city special.”


Kevin Burns - Council Member - 4-year term

Kevin has lived in North Ogden for just over 28 years. Married to DeAnn Vigil Burns and together they raised two children.

Kevin has had a long career with ups and downs in it, as we all have had, not everything on the job is within our ability to always be aware of and or have control of. He retired from the Weber County Sheriff's Office in 2018 after 27 years. After 27 years of service on the force amid accusations from superiors of faulty oversight of the office’s evidence room, which he at one point had supervised. Announcement of his departure came when revelations that a worker in the office had stolen and used drugs seized as evidence. That worker was fired and later convicted in connection with the matter Authority as Board Member. During my time at Weber County I spent 11 years as a Precinct Lieutenant working closely with up to 8 city councils and mayors, most of that 11 years was spent with three cities, Washington Terrace, Uintah and Huntsville.

He has had experience in working through the budget process with those cities and understand competing needs within a city.  Has been a volunteer Board Member with the GOAL Foundation for 15 years and have spent hundreds of hours annually volunteering. Kevin also noted his recent appointment to the board of the Weber Housing Authority and his volunteer work with the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, which operates a syringe-exchange program in Ogden for drug users. Growth, too, is a big issue, Kevin said, and “must be managed in order to benefit as much of North Ogden as possible.”

“I have proven my ability to lead while under heavy scrutiny and remain civil and professional. This is part of what makes me a highly qualified candidate for North Ogden City Council,” Kevin said.

“I am interested in using my experience working with city councils to help North Ogden move into a very dynamic future. Growth is at the forefront but must be managed in order to benefit as much of North Ogden as possible.”


Phillip D. Swanson - Council Member - 4-year term


“Let's Keep Moving Forward” is Phillip Swanson’s moto. He has a number of thoughts and wants for North Ogden; I will try to highlight a few.

  • Accountability and transparency bars are continuously being raised so you know what your tax dollars are doing:  I helped create new, more detailed, accounting of budget revenues and expenditures allowing residents to more clearly see what is in various city revenue funds.  I was a driving force behind the implementation of live-streaming all City Council meetings on YouTube, enabling residents to view current and past meetings from virtually anywhere. 
  • Infrastructure maintenance is more active than ever before. I have been, and continue to be, actively engaged in guiding the city to greater accountability and financial strength, increased employee retention, managed growth and more robust infrastructure maintenance. 
  • North Ogden City’s budget is balanced EVERY year.  Financial strength is high and the General fund and all Enterprise funds are healthy and have strong positive balances: I have been an active advocate of our increased saving for asset repair and replacement. Saving virtually eliminates the need for bonding. Saving prevents unnecessary delay when urgent repairs are needed. Our General Fund and ALL enterprise funds are balanced and have a very healthy positive fund balance. Property tax rates have gone down every year during my tenure on the Council. A new Public Works Facility and Amphitheater were built with cash – NO DEBT.
  •  Partnerships with RAMP, UDOT, and other agencies significantly increase what we are able to do with your North Ogden taxes.
  • Employee retention is higher than ever. Our city cannot function optimally without experienced well anchored employees. North Ogden is no longer the training ground for other cities, but a place our employees want to remain. By retaining our employees their vast institutional knowledge remains in North Ogden as an irreplaceable asset to our city.
  • Our growth is well managed. Managed Growth North Ogden is growing by leaps and bounds. While on the Council our recognition that growth cannot be stopped, critical thinking and sound planning have resulted in 90+% of North Ogden remaining a bedroom community without commercial encroachment. The range of available housing types in North Ogden has grown enabling younger generations to live where they were raised, and older generations to remain where they have spent their lives. “While on the council, our recognition that growth cannot be stopped, critical thinking and sound planning have resulted in 90+% of North Ogden remaining a bedroom community without commercial encroachment,” he said.
  • Robust Infrastructure Maintenance:  While serving I have actively advocated for and repeatedly voted to invest in more sewer relining and road repairs than ever before. I supported a new water well being established. Stability and durability in our culinary water system is significantly improved due to the investment in new pressure regulation valve stations, for which I actively advocated and voted. Our annually completed road repairs is nearly double our historical efforts. My engagement and efforts alongside my fellow Council members keeps North Ogden City one of the best run cities in Utah.

Where does Phil stand on the Public Works issue?

Phil Swanson (Council Candidate) stated in the March 12, 2013 City Council meeting that he hopes the council will “entertain indebtedness if that is what it takes …”. Phil was involved in the first petition drive, but did not support the second petition.