North Ogden -Council Member - 2-year term Candidates

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 8:15am

Stefanie Casey - Council Member - 2 year term

Stefanie met Sean Casey, a long time North Ogden resident. The couple married in 2004, buying up Sean’s childhood home at the top of 2600 North. To know Stefanie and her passions you need to know she loves music, especially live music. She’s been to every concert from Oingo Boingo to this week’s favorite band Future Islands. When she’s not in City Council meetings, Zu Audio, the Fern Foundation, or rocking out, she’s strapped to her snowboard.

Stefanie loved the small house on 2600, but her dream was a home overlooking Barker Park and the Hollow. Now she’s fighting for the planned park to happen, to bring children out to play, and to protect the creeks and natural beauty of Barker Park.

Stefanie also spends countless hours volunteering with the Fern Foundation in Hilldale, Utah, working to help the unseen and abandoned women and children of the FLDS Church.

Whether it be the RDAs, MPCs, CDAs, or maybe it’s a R-1, or CP-1, any of those ABCs that make up the current map of North Ogden or its future, Stefanie Casey knows how it works.

Major changes to North Ogden drastically altered her view of city living and city spending, so Stefanie became a staple at the City’s Planning Commission and City Council meetings. She’s learned the in-and-outs of zoning, code, and budgets so she can be a citizen watchdog as massive development charges through North Ogden.

Stefanie Casey is an open book all you have to do is ask.


Wade Carl Bigler - Council Member - 2-year term

Wade has presented North Ogden with years of service and would like to return and service for a few more years. I have had to dig to find a few things on Wade.

Wade seems to have a sincere approach to serving as a council member and knows that he has the vision and leadership North Ogden needs. As time goes people change and that is no different for Wade. People have commented that he has shown integrity, propriety and sincerity come out of Wade Bigler's statements as he just kept trying to do the right thing as far as all citizens' rights are concerned.

Wade Bigler is a very personable, level headed man that cares about the residents of North Ogden and how issues can affect all of us; both from the financial/monetary side to the moral side, defining what is right!

I tough economic times when our paychecks just don’t seem to always cover everything, we need to be prudent and wise in how we spend precious budget dollars. Wade is for a progressive and growing future for our beloved North Ogden.


Cheryl Stoker - Council Member - 2-year term

Cheryl has served North Ogden City Council for 2 terms beginning in 2012 and is seeking re-election for another 2 years.  During these 8 years Cheryl and Council have spent their time and energy moving the City forward with planned economic development. Through her efforts North Ogden has expanded its tax base with the addition of Smiths, Ace, and Pizza Pie Café to name a few. Additionally, the Public Works Building was completed without bonds or debt. The City continues to have a balanced budget and funds for infrastructure needs. 

The City is growing and will continue to grow. Cheryl wants to focus on smart planning by separating incompatible uses. She knows building plans and codes are vital in helping to manage and maintain this growth while moving forward. 

 She will continue to keep government approachable. Transparency is the buzz word of the day but can only be accomplished through community engagement. Neighbor talking to neighbor, hearing their concerns and what impacts their daily lives most. She’s always willing to take the time to talk about city business

Cheryl has run a successful home-based business for 40 years. She loves spending time with her husband Lyman, family and friends. Cheryl looks forward to continuing to serve the city she loves.