Farr West July Updates

Friday, August 4, 2017 - 9:45am
Dawn Scothern

Farr West had a great time with the Freedom Festival, Mike Beal thanked everyone for their work on the Freedom Festival, the Youth Council worked hard on making it a success.

Paul Greenwood thanked the council for burying the canal. 

Farr West Welcome new businesses to the city:

·         OmniFractal Incorporated - Chase Dickerson

·           Evelina's Educational Tools (Solicitor's License) - Evelina Petrovaite

·         Majestic Grill - Kevan Bybee

·         ChooseTheSite.com – Paul & Jill Greenwood is an ecommerce business that will be completed all online.  

·         DICE – Natalie Slateris a training and development business. DICE stands for Development, Invent, Complete, and Evaluate.

·         Root Auto Sales, LLC – Brian Masuisui online car sales business.

Welcome to Farr West!!!

Smith Family Park Update a bid from Big T Recreation for picnic tables the bid consists of $8,400.90 for eight 15 feet tables. Ken then showed videos showing the use of windmills to regulate the pond. Matt Gwynn three windmills will be installed at the park. Matt also commented if the city will purchase the first two windmills, DWR will fully furnish a smaller windmills to aerate the spawning area. Matt stated the purpose of these windmills is to help sustain life in the pond, and improve and maintain water quality in the pond. Matt explained the city has received a bid from Living Water Aeration for $5,165. The bid includes: 2 twenty foot windmills, 2 diffusers, and additional tubing for diffusers. Matt also commented the windmills would be operating at a 1 mph speed. Ken Phippen reported he has ordered another palette of bricks for the Smith Family Park Plaza.

Eagle Scout Presentation

·         Carson Jacques presented his Eagle Scout proposal of painting 24 fire hydrants and their curbs along Higley Road, Pelican Road, and parts of Remuda. Carson asked the city to fund $204.04 to pay for the materials to complete the project. Carson stated all unused materials will be returned to the city.  Carson is on his way to earning his Eagle Scout.

·         Jimmy Belnap presented his Eagle Scout proposal of pouring mow strips around the volleyball pit behind the Rec Center. Jimmy stated he estimates the project will cost around $200. Jimmy explained members of his church have volunteered their time and equipment.  Jimmy is on his way to his Eagle Scout, with a great idea.

·         Joseph Shipley presented his Eagle Scout proposal of refurbishing the two wooden Farr West City signs on 2000 W and 4000 N. Joseph explained he will pressure wash them, let them dry, and then stain the signs. Joseph then explained he will also do a cleanup of both areas. Joseph also explained he would like to create a base for the sign. Joseph stated he estimated the project will cost around $250.  Josephs project has been approved, the new brighten up sign will be terrific assets to the city.