North Ogden September Highlights

Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 12:15pm
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

We want to recognize North Ogden City Chief, Kevin Warren, who retired on Aug 31st, 2017.  After 41 years of dedicated service, Kevin Warren decided it was time to help at home. Chief Warren completed his entire professional career at North Ogden City, starting briefly in Public Works before finding his true calling in the North Ogden Police Department. 

Chief Warren has served as Chief for 4 years, after Chief Polo Afuvai retired after many dedicated years of service.  During Chief Warren’s tenure, NOPD has made some very significant accomplishments, including: being one of the first cities in the State to implement body-worn cameras for all officers, implementation of the first K-9 officer, and the successful launch of Youth Court.  Chief Warren also implemented “Coffee with a Cop” and the annual “Skate Park BBQ w/NOPD,” as efforts to reach out to the community and maintain open lines of communication and mutual respect.  During his tenure, NOPD also led efforts to improve services for North Ogden citizens by installing a “Safe Exchange Zone” in front of the police station, and by increasing the number of police officers in the City.  A tribute to the work of Chief Warren and our awesome police officers was North Ogden being ranked the “8th Safest City in Utah” for 2016.  Chief Warren has been a tireless advocate for professionalism and discipline by our officers, and has set and maintained high standards and expectations.  He has led by example and been a consummate professional himself.  His presentations to the mayor and the City Council have always been professional, accurate, and detailed.  Chief Warren has a big heart and really cares about the people of North Ogden.  He has improved and expanded the NOPD Charity Golf Tournament and the annual Sub for Santa program.  Chief Warren has given his entire professional life to serving our community, “Thank you and well done Chief!”  We wish you and your wonderful spouse, Peggy, the very best in retirement!


Geocaching in North Ogden? Have you ever seen an individual or a small group of people walking around a pile of rocks or along a fence line trying to look like they are doing nothing? They might be geocachers. Geocaching is a world-wide activity, with over 5 million people involved, using global-position satellites and hand-held devices to locate a cache (a container of various sizes). Within a ten-mile radius of North Ogden, there are over 1,000 different types and sizes of caches. In order to introduce more people to this exciting activity, the North Ogden Parks, Trails and Open Lands committee and the City Recreation Department will sponsor a geocaching event[LM1] , called “Cache In-Trash Out,” at Oaklawn Park (North 41 18.145 West 111 56.584) on September 16, 2017 between 9:00 am to 10:30 am. There will be a display to help those new to this activity learn more and get started. There will also be a trackable geo-coin for sale.


 The Public Works Department, City Forester, and Code Enforcement Official would like to draw your attention to the trees in your yard that overhang the curb and gutter and ask that you trim those to a minimum height of nine feet (9’) above the curb and gutter so they do not overhang onto the roadway.  Beginning in October, City employees will be around the City trimming those trees that have not been trimmed.  The trimming done by the City will be for functionality and may not be aesthetically pleasing.   Residents are asked to comply with the requested trimmings for the best results. The green waste facility is open for the disposal of your trimmings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.  Purchase a punch pass at the City office during business hours.  

Justin has been selected as the employee of the month for September. Justin is the Assistant Park Supervisor/Irrigation Specialist in the Parks Department. His positive attitude is contagious and he always wears a smile. With over 18 years of park and cemetery maintenance, Justin is very skilled at what he does and has a vast knowledge of sprinkler maintenance and repair. He takes care of over 3,600 sprinkler heads in our City parks. Justin is quick to complete tasks that he is assigned and is constantly looking for ways to help our department improve. Justin is always going the extra mile and stayed extra hours working Cherry Days to help make sure everything went smoothly. We are lucky to have him on our team.


If you have visited North Ogden Park lately, you might have noticed that there is a large hole where the volleyball courts used to be. As part of the expansion of the library, Weber County has agreed to relocate the skate park for the many people who enjoy and use it. The skating components that were at the original skate park have been relocated to North Ogden Park. In the coming weeks there will be a lot of movement at the park while the new cement pad is poured and the pieces are put back in place. The pieces used to have a steel "toe" or transition plate, and that has been cut off in order to sink them into the new concrete to create a more smooth transition for riders. In addition to moving the existing components and making the park flow better, the City will be adding an additional ramp, grind rail, A-frame and the components needed to complete the bowl.

The final design was approved August 15th by the City Council. The components will be cleaned up, painted, and any existing holes will be filled so that they look great and are safer for riders. We are looking forward to our new and improved skate park, and hope to have it completed and ready for a grand opening at the end of October.


Carley is from North Ogden Junior High School: Carly is a hard worker, always helping her mom and family. She always has a beautiful smile on her face which brings a lot of joy to those around her! If she is asked to do a task, she gets right to it. She loves animals and even helps at the Weber County Animal Shelter once a week with a friend. She loves being outdoors. Her family enjoys camping, hiking, biking and river rafting. Her favorite thing she did this summer was white water rafting down the Snake River. She said it was quite the drive to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but is was so worth it.  She is a senior at Weber High (Go class of 2018) and has plans to go to Utah State after she graduates.

Elli Herrick, from Orion Junior High School, really likes going to school at Orion. A couple of her favorite teachers are Mrs. Allen (Utah Studies) and Mrs. Marks (English). Last year, she was a 4.0 student.  WAY TO GO ELLI!!  She loves art, music, traveling, photography, and Zumba with her Aunt. When she has down time, she likes to play her ukulele, cook and play with her two dogs, Winnie and Buckley. Her favorite food is pizza and vanilla ice-cream if she’s craving something sweet. Her favorite book is Fable Haven and a year or so ago Elli’s favorite movies were the Star Wars series. Her family just recently watched the Harry Potter series and have fallen in love with those.

Stephanie Dixon from Weber High School: Stephanie is the sweetest girl. She is so content wherever she is which makes every situation fun. She moved here from Pocatello, Idaho, a year ago; which is where her extended family and many of her friends live. We hope that she can call this home as well. She is good at whatever sport she tries. Her favorite things to do are play volleyball, hang out with friends and attend school (Yes, she said school). She did mention that she loves the friend part of school not so much the homework. She is the 3rd of 5 girls. Her favorite movie is Maze Runner II. Her favorite treat is grasshopper ice-cream. When she grows up she wants to be a dermatologist, physical trainer or dental hygienist.

Carson Warner from Maria Montessori Academy is one of those boys that blow you away. He is so motivated by life. If he gets an idea in his head, he will work so hard until he accomplishes that goal. He attended Maria Montessori during his 5th through 9th grade years. This year he will be attending Weber High and he is really excited for what that brings. His favorite things about the Montessori Academy was playing on the basketball team of 7 players.  They worked really hard and grew close as a team. He learned a lot from his coaches Ryan and Wade Rallison (father and son coaches). His favorite teacher was Mr. Casey and his favorite subject was weight lifting. He works at Cold Stone Creamery (Yum) in downtown Ogden, plays the drums and has goals of running in a half-marathon and becoming a dentist. Oh yeah, he is also very good looking. We love this witty, happy, friend of ours.

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