North Ogden October News

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 1:15pm
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

Fall is here and with it come leaves, leaves and more leaves.  We do our best to keep the waterways and storm drains clear of debris but we are sometimes unable to keep up with Mother Nature.  We are asking for your assistance in keeping the waterways in front of your homes clear and bagging the debris.  From now until the snow flies, we will gladly come pick up your bagged leaves if you will call Shelly at (801) 782-8111.

With Fall here, there are a number of items that are being addressed at the Public Works Department, City Forester and Code Enforcement Official would like to draw your attention to the trees in your yard that overhang the curb and gutter and ask that you trim those to a minimum height of nine feet (9’) above the curb and gutter and so that no branches overhang onto the roadway. Beginning in October, City employees will be around trimming those trees that have not been trimmed.  The trimming done by the City will be for functionality and may not be aesthetically pleasing.  Residents are asked to comply with the requested trimmings for the best results. The green waste facility is open for the disposal of your trimmings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3pm to 6pm and Saturdays 9am to 2pm.  Pick up a punch pass at the City office during business hours.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciate.

The City has scheduled the fall Green Waste Pick Up for October 23rd-27, 2017; collection will be on your regular garbage day. The volume of material may, however, delay collection. The regulations mentioned below must be followed when placing material out for collection. All materials must be in bags, boxes or containers. Bush clippings and small tree limbs must be bundled and no longer than 5 feet in length. Weight limit is 75 pounds. Place materials in parkways, not in curb or waterways. This is a Green Waste Cleanup Only. We appreciate citizen participation and encourage your use of the Green Waste facility. For that reason, the facility will be open for your use at NO CHARGE the entire clean-up week (Monday –Friday) from 8am to 4:30pm and Saturdays the 21st and 28th from 9am to 2pm. If you have questions contact Brian Galvez at 782-8111, or email WEATHER PERMITTING the Green Waste facility will remain open through November 18, 2017, on its regular schedule (fees apply).

Mayor Brent Taylor had a few words about the City’s priorities: “Economic growth is one of our top priorities as a City.  The City Council, staff, and I are all fully engaged as a team in strengthening our commercial district and in attracting new businesses, from improving City ordinances to beautifying our commercial area.  Our goal is not to become a commercial powerhouse, but rather to build a small, but healthy, commercial district along Washington Blvd. that contains restaurants and the practical types of businesses we all use and need.  I am pleased to announce that several new such businesses are “coming soon” to North Ogden: Maverick will be opening a new gas station on Washington Blvd. early next year, Beans & Brew will be building a beautiful new store in the Smith’s Marketplace parking lot (south of the fuel station), and Standard Plumbing will be opening a new store in a renovated and updated King’s Building.  The new ACE Hardware is also almost complete where the old Smith’s store was located.  The opening of Standard Plumbing in King’s will mark the third and final large, vacant building we have successfully filled in the last three years (old Smith’s, old Macey’s, and now the old King’s building).  Please make every effort to support our new and current businesses.  Property tax rates in North Ogden have declined significantly over the past few years because of new growth paying their fair share through impact fees and because of commercial development reducing the need for higher property taxes.  You can help this trend continue by shopping in North Ogden and keeping your sales tax dollars in your city as often as possible!”

Employee of the month is Lorrie Frazier.  Lorrie Frazier is the Administrative Executive Secretary and Office Manager for the North Ogden Police Department. Lorrie has been with the Police Department since September of 2012; prior to that she was with North Ogden Parks and Recreation for six years. Lorrie also assists with the Tri-City Youth Court program which has proven to be a huge success thanks in part to her efforts.  She also takes time from her personal life to volunteer with the police department’s Sub-for Santa program which helps multiple families in need each holiday season. Great job Lorrie!  It’s great to have you work for the City.

COMMUNITY Students of the Month are Jace Campbell from Weber High, Rachel Longhurst from N.O. Jr High, Abigail Frongner from Orion Junior High and Angel Tally from Maria Montessori Academy. A teacher from Maria Montessori expressed just how hard it is to choose just one student. This is her thoughts, “Persistence is a quality that when seen is inspiring and stands out from the crowd; the story is irrelevant and the person rises to view. In a school setting, the crowd is larger and the individual is lost to the importance of the subject. Honoring one of the students is difficult when the setting is supposed to inspire the individual rather than the people.” Congratulations to each of the students for being named student of the month.

Jace Campbell is senior at Weber High. He is currently one of the captains on the Weber High football team where he and his teammates are working to bring a football championship to the school. Go Warriors!  He also plays baseball at Weber and spent the summer traveling to different cities.  He was also able to serve as one of the leaders at a stake MTC youth camp.  He is an Eagle Scout, likes to play Xbox in his free time, and loves kids.

Abigail Frongner, or Abby, is a 7th grader at Orion Junior High.  Her favorite class of all is Orchestra.  Abby started cello lessons this summer and has found it to be one of her favorite ways to relax and just have fun.  Anyone who knows Abby would tell you what an amazing artist she is.  She loves to create.  From drawing, to sewing, to baking, or building- she never ceases to amaze her family and friends. Abby loves to go skiing and hiking and camping, or just hang out with her friends.   She loves to do gymnastics, and aerial silks.  She loves cats and her family has said the two cannot be separated.   

Rachel Longhurst is a freshman at N.O. Jr High. She is on the honor roll and really loves school and learning. Her favorite thing about school is the social part. Having and making new friends. One of her dreams is to go to cosmetology school during her high school years.   When she’s not in school she enjoys playing soccer and running. She is a really good at running long distances. Rachel is a part of the Honor Society. This is a group that does a two hour service project every quarter.

Angel Tally Maria Montessori Academy. He likes to play football, soccer, and go hunting or fishing. He is currently on the Cross-Country team and is an active member of the student government. Angel’s future goal is to go to college pursuing the subject of Bio-Chemical Engineering. Angel’s persistence has motivated him to excel in his studies and we are glad to honor his hard work as our student of the month at Maria Montessori Academy.

Featured park is the riding arena at Equestrian Park located at 2675 N. Mountain Road.  The Park is nestled up against the mountainside, the Equestrian Park is the perfect place to go for an evening ride. The park features a riding arena that is open to the public. The Junior Posse practices here two nights a week and the park is home to the Ron Brown Memorial Cherry Days Rodeo in July. Just up the road there is a trail head that leads up onto the new addition to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Public restrooms are open April to October.