North Ogden City January Update

Monday, January 8, 2018 - 12:00pm
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

A brief message from Mayor Brent Taylor: “I love the start of a new year, and all the new opportunities it brings with it.  The month of January is named for Janus, the Roman god of new beginnings.  Janus had two faces: one looking forward, and one looking back.  As we begin a new year, we have the opportunity to both look back in review at the year that has passed, and also to look forward to the future.  2017 has been a great year for North Ogden City: in May we became one of the very first cites in Utah to change all of our streetlights to LED.  In June, we completed the first phase of our new street light program, with 29 new streetlights on Washington Blvd., including beautiful hanging flower baskets and patriotic banners.  Several new businesses have opened this year, including ACE Hardware and Standard Plumbing, with more great businesses coming next year, including Beans & Brews & Maverick.  2017 was a great year for our City, and 2018 will be even better!  Thank You to Councilmen Jim Urry and Lynn Satterthwaite for their service.  As we start this New Year as a City, we are having a transition in our City government.  Council members Satterthwaite and Urry did not seek reelection and have honorably completed their terms of service in December.  It is difficult to put in words how much good they have each done for our City.  Councilman Satterthwaite has served for four years and has made incredible contributions to the City, especially in helping plan and build the new Public Works facility without debt and in helping better plan for future infrastructure needs in our City utilities (water, sewer, etc.) to avoid bonding.  Councilman Urry has focused on the city budget and on making sure that every tax dollar is used judiciously and with wisdom.  His level of detail and probing questions have improved our budget process and outcomes for our city.  We thank both of these dedicated public servants for their years of service to our city!   Brent Taylor, mayor of North Ogden” Thank You, mayor, for your insights on North Ogden’s 2017/2018 year.

FourEmployees of the Year for North Ogden: Erik Gill, an eleven year veteran of the North Ogden Police Department, has been selected NOPD’s Officer of the Year for 2017. Jason Reney, he is the Culinary Water Superintendent.  Nigil Bailey is the Aquatic Center Manager and has worked in various positions for North Ogden City since 2010. And, Bruce Higley as the Employee of the year from the Administration, Finance, Building, and Planning Departments.

Inaugural PEAK Awards : A new annual award for our City employees, to be given to the employee(s) who have done something truly extraordinary to demonstrate the values of “PEAK:” Progressive, Energetic, Ambitious, and Knowledgeable. Selected for this are:  Street Supervisor Scott “Tiny” Felter and Fleet Manager Tyrel Stark as the inaugural recipients of the PEAK Award for the incredible amount of “in-house” work they did on a variety of important projects this year.  They saved North Ogden taxpayers over one hundred thousand dollars!  They took the lead in constructing the beautiful new volleyball courts at North Ogden Park, doing the site preparation for the new Skate Park, building new offices in the Public Works facility, building a new Animal Shelter, building vents for our new Pressure Reducing Valve for the water system, and many other cost-saving projects.  Not one of these diverse projects was really in their “job descriptions,” but they showed an incredible sense of teamwork and loyalty to the citizens of North Ogden by offering their unique talents in areas outside their normal duties.  This resulted in us not having to contract these projects out during a very aggressive construction market, where we would have paid high prices.  Thank you, Tiny and Tyrel for all you do for North Ogden City! 

Employee of the Month Susan Nance Susan Nance has been with North Ogden for the past two years, she works in the Planning Department. 


Brady Briskey is Weber High School STANDOUT student. Brady Briskey, wrestling isn’t just a sport – it’s a family thing. For two generations, the Briskey name has been connected to wrestling. “Because it’s a family thing,” Brady, senior at Weber High, says, “it makes me want to accomplish the things that my grandpa, dad, and uncle (did or did not) accomplish.” In fact, Brady took home the state title in 2017. A year later, Briskey wants to continue to get better, repeat as champ, and rightly so he works very hard at accomplishing his goals with wrestling and everything he sets his mind to.

The Students of the month are: Emmry Young from Maria Montessori Academy; Spencer Givens from Weber High School; and April Juarez from Orion Junior High School


Youth Council Wraps Up a Successful Year! As the City’s Youth Council, they participated in purchasing and delivering complete turkey dinners for local families in need, the lighting ceremony at Bicentennial Park serving hot chocolate, as well as, helping the REAL Santa throughout the month in his house spreading good tidings.