Fair Housing Testers Needed

The Fair Housing Program at the Disability Law Center (DLC) received two pieces of very exciting news last week!


First...the Fair Housing team resolved a complaint against property owners who were discriminating against people with disabilities.  This case, which is our largest settlement to date, was based on both client complaints and testing evidence.  Here is a link to the Department of Justice press release:



Second...HUD announced that the DLC was awarded another enforcement grant to continue our program for the next three years!  Here is a link to HUD's press release:



Because of this announcement we will be able to continue our testing program, which means we are once again in need of more testers!


Testers are the people who visit or call landlords to inquire about apartments, then submit written reports about their experiences back to the DLC.  Testers receive a stipend for each completed test after attending a training session. 


What we're looking for is a diverse group of people to use as testers.  They don't have to belong to a particular protected class-race, disability, color, religion, etc.-to participate.


If you know of anyone who might be interested, they can fill out an application online by following this link to our website:  http://disabilitylawcenter.org/job-posting-fair-housing-testers/


I can be reached at vmcguire@disabilitylawcenter.org  or at 801-363-1347x3192 if you would like additional information about our Fair Housing Program or to answer questions you might have.