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Perry City Police Department

Good afternoon!

Perry PD is excited to announce the completion of our Safe Trade Zone.

The Trade Zone is a dedicated parking area for people to meet and conduct transactions arranged through various classifieds pages/websites. The Trade Zone can also be used for other exchanges(Child/Custody, Property, Etc.)

The Safe Trade Zone is recorded(Audio and Visual) 24/7.

You can find the Trade Zone at 3005 S 1200 W, Perry UT. It is located just east of the Police Department/City Office Building.

Box Elder Schools

Box Elder Schools

Box Elder Schools

Perry City document updates

Box Elder Schools

Perry City Welcomes a New Mayor

Perry City welcomes a new mayor, Kevin Jeppsen, and a new Council Member, Andrew Watkins!

Box Elder High

Larry Findley Leadership Award 

Box Elder Schools


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