Farr West Family Medicine and Urgent Care Now Open

Monday, July 1, 2019 - 9:00am
Tami L. Johnson

A ribbon cutting ceremony was performed on Friday, June 21st, 2019 for the grand opening of Farr West Family Medicine and Urgent Care located at 2850 North 2000 West in Farr West, Utah. RevereHealth is celebrating its 50th birthday and is now going to be part of this  community clinic in Farr West.

 CEO of RevereHealth, Scott Barlow, gave some brief remarks and shared that, “We are here to make you healthier. We want to reduce the cost of care and we’re excited to be part of this community now and touch more lives.”

Members of the Ogden/Weber Chamber of Commerce, Representative Lee Perry, Dr. Bruce Larsen MD, and Dr. Ann Schmitt, MD and, of course, community members. Farr West Medicine clinic is home to complete and total healthcare for everyone in the entire family. RevereHealth is considered value-based care.  

 Dr. Bruce Larsen said he wants to focus on three main things at the Farr West Family Medicine Clinic:  “Providing high quality medical care, at a low cost, and doing it compassionately.”

Dr. Larsen added, “We feel the burden of the cost of care in America.  We face the patients who struggle with the cost of high deductible plans.  We want to save cost by driving the people to the things that matter in medicine and steer them away from those things that don’t work.”

Another perspective from Dr. Larsen is that, as a staff at RevereHealth, they feel  strongly in using generic medications.  “We believe in a free market and what patients need to know about what they will pay up front.”

Dr. Ann Schmitt remarked that, “We are developing new friends and colleges here who have been so welcoming, supportive, patient, and kind. We are excited to be part of RevereHealth.  I went into medicine to provide high quality healthcare.  I have worked many years with Dr. Larsen.  RevereHealth believes in your health above all else.  We have put together a top-notch, energetic staff to the field of medicine and this community. We’re very, very excited.”

Representative Lee Perry commented on how his grandparents grew up in Bicknell, Utah—a tiny town.  The one and only medical clinic was in his grandmother’s house.  Long story short, his grandfather was injured from football and met his future wife, Lee’s grandmother, who was a nurse.  Lee says, “Farr West is growing. We’re seeing huge growth and we have many families out here that need medical care. We’re celebrating the summer solstice and kicking off the summer in a great way by celebrating 50 years with RevereHealth.”

Succulent plants were offered to those who attended the ribbon cutting ceremony as a way to represent roots and branches: a celebration of growth together. 

Services offered at RevereHealth in the new Farr West Medical clinic will be: Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Care, X-ray, Chronic Kidney Disease, Labs, Acute Care, Immunizations, Sleep Apnea, Abscess Drainage/Care, EKG Testing, Wart Removal, Physicals, Sport, School, Scout, and Missionary Exams, Excisions, Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Orthopedic Injuries, Laceration Repair,  and Gastrointestinal Diseases.

Come see, for yourself, the beautiful new facility and take time to visit with the staff. Call 801-528-5095 to schedule an appointment today.