Willard City/ South Willard September Updates

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 11:00am
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

Willard had a bit of a scare when testing results at the Willard School came back high for lead. New tests were conducted and it is good news.

This is a statement from Willard City:  As the owner and operator of a public culinary water system, Willard City is required to perform a variety of tests as set by rules of the State of Utah Division of Drinking Water to insure safe drinking water. Willard City recently completed the required Lead and copper testing.  The samples were taken from 10 locations throughout the city and tested by Chemtech-Ford Laboratories. We are pleased to report that the tests for both Copper and Lead revealed non-detectable amounts or amounts well below the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL).  Annual Consumer Confidence Reports are published each year and can be viewed by going to Willard City page.

School is now in session, so watch out for kids as they walk to and from school and bus stops especially now that it is darker in the morning. Parents have your kids be aware of their surroundings.  Now is a good time to remind them about stranger danger!

Trunk or Treat

Jen Johnson has volunteered to organize this year’s Trunk or Treat community activity. She would like to have 50 trunks this year! If you would like to volunteer to help out or to be a trunk contact Jen Johnson at 435730-6434 or Savanna Hansen at 435-730-2387. Candy and cash donations can be made at the City Office.

Burn Permits

Fall burn permits are scheduled to begin September 15-October 30. This will depend on fire conditions and air quality.

Agricultural Burn Permits - Agriculture burning falls into a little different category and permits can be issued year round, ONLY if the Clearing Index is above 500 for Airshed 4. In order to qualify for an agriculture burn permit, you must be burning natural vegetation, ie: fruit tree pruning, ditch banks and stubble fields, you must be farming as a livelihood, and your property must be in the greenbelt for taxes. If you meet the criteria for Agricultural Burn Permits and the Clearing Index is above 500 for Airshed 4 call 435-734-3345.  Burn Permits for Saturday will be issued on Friday and there is no burning on Sunday.

Residential Burn Permits - The "Residential Burn Windows" are March 30- May 30 and September 15- October 30. Burn permits can ONLY BE ISSUED IF THE Clearing Index is above 500 for Airshed 4. State requirements limit burning for only natural vegetation, ie: tree trimmings, leaves, etc., can be burned. This means no construction debris, household garbage, tires, etc. can be burned. Other methods of disposal will need to be used for these items.  If the date is between the Residential Burn windows and the index is above 500 for Airshed 4 call 435-734-3345. Burn Permits for Saturday will be issued on Friday and there is no burning on Sunday.

US 89 Shoulders Project Update

The completion of this project has been moved back to the end of October.

Current work crews will not be working this weekend to accommodate PEACH DAYS.

Crews will be spending the next few days preparing the shoulder area between Blazer Plastics and Pettingill’s for pavement.

Paving between Blazer Plastics and Pettingill’s is expected to beginning towards the end of next week.

Current Closures - The right lane for northbound traffic is closed while crews work on shoulder reconstruction.

Upcoming Work - Excavation of the shoulder, and placement of road base and pipe, south of Pettingill’s will begin in about a week.