Dear Editor:                                     

Friday, January 12, 2018 - 10:15am
Robert Butler

 Please ignore anything that our "President" say or tweets. His racist, bigoted, ignorant opinion DOES NOT REPRESENT HOW 75% of Americans feel. His "white supremacist" views come from his "Aryan" mentality, which he has apparently inherited from his father and ancestors. The rest of us treasure all people of all races, genders, religions, and nationalities. Americans may be militarily and economically powerful, but that doesn't make us better or superior or more entitled. IT ONLY MAKES US LUCKY TO BE THE DESCENDANTS OF A MULTITUDE OF ETHNICITIES AND IMMIGRANTS WHO ARE STRONG BECAUSE OF OUR DIVERSITY, not in spite of it! Do not judge us all by what he says or does. Very soon we will put aside this "leadership" and return to sanity and compassion and generosity to which our ancestors gifted us. So sorry!



Robert Butler

P.O. Box 193

Marmaduke, AR 72443