Editorial: Citizen's United-Money in Politics!



March 24, 2017


                              “Citizens United-Money in Politics”


Editorial: Capital Punishment-A "Dead" Issue


                “Capital Punishment-A “Dead” Issue”



Letter to the Editor / Year-Round April Fools' Day

Year-Round April Fools’ Day

Dear Editor,

This coming April Fools’ Day can remind us that the meat, egg, and dairy
industries have been playing us for fools year-round. Their more
remarkable hoaxes include “California's happy cows,” “free-range
chickens,” and “humane slaughter.” All cruel lies.

Amendment 34: Campaign Finance

Amendment 34: Campaign Finance



Section 1: There are no restrictions on what an individual, using personal funds, may spend on his/her campaign for Federal, elected office (President, Vice-President, Senator, or member of the House of Representatives).


Do you want diarrhea today or cancer tomorrow? - Utah' Water Policy

Attached please find 7 PSA videos on Utah water issues like Utah's State Water Engineer is Anti-farmer and Pro-Federal Control.


If farmer saves water, then the State Engineer takes it away and gives it to the Water Cartel and Federal Government who own junior water rights.


If the Water Cartel saves water, the State Engineer lets them keep it, and expand their use to make more money.  What kind of water policy is that?


Crime and Punishment in America!

March 18, 2017


“Crime and Punishment”


Our criminal justice system must be reformed. I once heard someone make the following statement (or something to the effect): “There are two reasons to put people in prison. There are those who we fear and those who we wish to punish.” Of course, many prisoners fit both categories, but there is a difference. The populations of our prisons should be divided in just this way.

Charles Manson

Dear mgeditor@sentinelnews.net,


Charles manson was obsessed with the Beatles but not Vincent Bugliosi.


But it was Bugliosi who had used this against Charles Manson who used his people to kill 8 including Sharon Tate.


But Tate was an actress whose beautyness was ruined by Charles Manson and his people who were used by him to do it.


But the Beatles remain a glorified group in the eyes of one sick man-Charles Manson!


Does Congressman Janson Chaffetz have the personal integrity and courage to Chair the Congressional House Oversight Committee?

March 20th, 2017


Does Congressman Janson Chaffetz have the personal integrity and

courage to Chair the Congressional House Oversight Committee?

Editorial: Social Security-Just Lift the Cap!

Social Security Contributions to the Trust Fund WITH CAP





A 16th Letter to America

Dear Editor:                                       A 16th Letter to America

My previous letter stated that America was uninformed concerning an Islamic threat to our country through their “Civilization Jihad” plan.   But America is equally uninformed about Islamic Jihad history and plan to conquer the world.   

The Webster Dictionary describes “Jihad” as “Moslem holy war against unbelievers.”


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