Renovation of North Branch Library set to Begin

Thursday, April 13, 2017 - 10:45am
Tami L. Johnson

During the summer months I used to take my kids to the surrounding libraries in Weber County for “field trips.” It was so fun! We would explore the different branches from North Ogden to Huntsville and in between.  Each library had its own personality and feel to it.  Each was a new experience to visit! 

Scrolling through the thousands of books, going to “story time,” playing in the kid’s area and being a part of the Summer reading programs have all been such a highlight for me and my kids. 

As we all know, the North Ogden branch is getting a well-deserved renovation; so, now’s your chance to head out the door, albeit just a bit further, to explore the other amazing library branches in Weber County!  Here’s what you can expect for the future plans according to the Weber County Library System:

The North Branch Library will be closed after April 15th for renovation and expansion.  Demolition will take place on the main level, and a stairway and elevator will be installed to facilitate the access to new public spaces in the lower level.  Site work will include parking lot expansion and entrances on both the north and south sides of the library.  Construction will be completed over the course of the next year.

Books may be returned until May 15th in the outside drop at North Branch, or at any other Weber County locations. After May 15th, the North Branch book drop will be closed. 

North Branch Library employees will transfer to the Southwest, Pleasant Valley and Ogden Valley branches to greet library users and offer the same ongoing programs and service.

Program schedules will remain the same, only location will change.  For example, the North Branch Discovery Time will be held at the Southwest Branch on Thursdays at 10:30 and 11:30 a.m. Children will be met by the North Branch Staff with whom they are familiar.  Additional program locations and events will be announced. 

While the closing of the North Branch will represent an inconvenience for people who rely solely on the North Branch, using Weber County’s newer libraries will give those who have not experienced “new generation” facilities an opportunity to see what is in store for them when the North Branch reopens:

·       New teen center, meeting rooms, café, exhibits, commons, and study spaces

·       Expanded children’s area

·       More computers, DVDs, and books

·       Plenty of places to gather for individual study or group learning

Email will be an efficient way to provide you with periodic updates.  If you do not have an email address on file with the Library, please ask the staff at a checkout desk to help you update your account. You will also find updates posted on the Library website:

Renovation of the North Branch is part of an overall Library system expansion approved by voters during a special bond election held during 2013.  The original plan for the North Branch called for the work to be done in several phases with periodic closures between and during each phase.  The delayed construction start date resulted in increased costs, requiring a revised plan which will save several hundred thousand dollars.  This savings will be utilized to help allow completion of the renovation and expansion presented to the voters.  For more information call 801-337-2618.