“Take Me To Your Leader”

Monday, May 15, 2017 - 10:45am
John Kushma

“Take Me To Your Leader”


If aliens (from outer space) landed today and said “Take me to your leader”, who would you take them to?      


Comedian Henny Youngman’s famous one-liner “Take my wife, please!” makes me think that’s what I would say regarding America’s latest installment as leader.  “Take my president, please!” ...and don’t bring him back!


But this is no laughing matter.  What were we thinking when we elected him?  That he would change from the megalomaniac, micromanaging, p_ _ _ y-grabbing liar he appears to be, into a lauded United States President?


We’ll, yes.  Many of us, even those of us who didn’t vote for him, were optimistically hopeful that “The Donald” would transform into “Mr. President.”


Maybe the overall hypocrisy is just too overwhelming to get our collective heads around.       


But in just over 100 days in office, this bumptious celebrity has redefined arrogance and has denigrated the office of the president to somewhere beyond recovery.  He’s running America like one of his hotel-casinos and staffing his operation with Trump loyalists and conniving “yes” men.


We have become The United States of Trump Enterprises.


Maybe we should give him another 100 days and see what happens.  Maybe he’s doing the right thing, it’s a hard thing, bringing America back into fiscal responsibility.  And maybe he’ll even see the light and retrench his mendacious persona, unhinged behavior and knee-jerk reactions toward a more mature, admirable adult credence, and a comportment worthy of his role as President of the United States of America.


I don’t think so.  People don’t change their core nature.  


Although I’m not much of a fan of the news media, especially the 24 hr. cable network news ...in a sense, they are a mirror image of The Donald regarding instant, bloated, and over exaggerated headlines and creating “breaking news” when there is no breaking news.  But I have to give them credit for tracking these Russian collusion allegations.  Trump has already made Richard Nixon’s Watergate look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.


As news cycles, patterns, pundits and patriots all converge in this maelstrom media feeding frenzy, we have front row seats in this media star’s wheelhouse.  This is where The Donald thrives.  His starring role in this reality show of the presidency gives him an ability and a perceived license to manipulate the script at will.


But I’m not sure that should apply to the Constitution, and to the law.


In just the last few weeks we were bombing Syria, wrestling with North Korea over nuclear warheads and “sending an armada” lead by a U.S. aircraft carrier headed in the wrong direction.  Then, as a further distraction from the Russia collusion investigation, The Donald president interrupted the pattern with his new theory on the Civil War.  




Then, the news media took the wheel focusing on the nepotism factor regarding his inexperienced son-in-law Jared Kushner, while daughter Ivanka was booed at a woman’s conference in Germany praising her famously lecherous father as being respectful toward women.  


Now, we’re back to the Russians again, and this time it looks serious.  I don’t think the American public, the news media, or congress will allow Trump to distract us away from this any longer.  It’s too big.  It might be impeachable ...collusion with a hostile government ..fraud ..lying to congress ..lying to the American people.    


Some might call this treason.       


Bate and switch is an old con game.  Trump is a master of it.  Mitt Romney called Trump a “con man” and a “phony”, a “fraud.”  I think Mitt was right.  Slight of hand and the shell game are also illustrative as to how many Americans are feeling “played” by The Donald.  His campaign promises aside ..every politician and con man is expected within some margin of error to deceive and deflect ..but it’s Trump’s overall destructive personality that overshadows his ability to maintain credibility and respect.


Just take a good long at his flushed, bloated face ..his out-of-shape fat body ..and that 50‘s adolescent hair style!  Does this look like a man capable of self-control and discipline.  Now take a look at his failed casinos and other business ventures like Trump University.  You heard his comments on the “Access Hollywood” bus about where he likes to grab women.  You’ve watched his performance over the last 100 days.  


So, what do you think?


I think he will continue to smoke screen and distract from the Russia collusion investigation at all costs.  He may even stop the investigation.  He knows it will bring him down, technically.  Morally, as if he needs any more moral decline, if the rumors of the Russian prostitutes are true and come to light with some recording or video, he will go down in disgrace making Bill Clinton look like a choir boy.  It would overshadow the Trump brand like a felony conviction.


He could, and he is capable of, a desperate distraction by creating a nice little war somewhere, say, North Korea. 


Heaven help us.


The Donald seems to be working overtime to cover his tracks, ignoring all his campaign promises.  He’s not learning on the job because he is too distracted ..like he’s hiding something.  


Always follow the money.  Then the sex.


How close is he to Russian interests?  Who knows, but I don’t believe Russia directly influenced the outcome of the election.  I do, however, believe FBI Director James Comey was the singular cause of not Trump’s win, but of Hillary’s loss.  We Americans determined the final outcome by voting Trump in.


Comey may have unwittingly brought Hillary down.  He’s now in a position to consciously destroy Donald Trump.        


Even if there is no shred of substantiated proof as to Trump’s dallying with the Russians, and I think his tax returns will tell that story, how dare Donald Trump distract Americans from the truth and place us all in harms way on the world stage?!  


A good TV show is one thing, and we love our entertainment, but national security, law and order, and mutual respect are entirely another.


Take me to your leader?  


Take my leader, please!



John Kushma is a communication consultant and lives in Logan, Utah.