Willard / South Willard News

Friday, March 17, 2017 - 2:00pm

As a great concern to the community there was a plea sent out by Barney & Della Barnett owners of Willard Bay Gardens.

Stop the Approval of a Rock Quarry & Asphalt Plant next to our Plant Nursery & Community!

WE NEED YOUR HELP!! You do not have to live here to support this.  Our Nursery has been here since 1947.  In a rural setting, not an Industrial Park.

**March 15th, 9am.  This morning, I received a copy of the notarized document that gives the option to the leasee, Granite Construction Company, to operate mining, stockpiling, crushing and processing the manufacturing of asphalt, concrete, base rock material and other products. 

** March 14th, 4:30pm, we got a call from Blue Ox Development / Lumberjack Quarry Say NO Asphalt Plant Are In The Plans.  There is an added update at the bottom of this petition, please go there for all the information.

**Box Elder County is considering a zoning request for the property on the Willard City and South Willard Border. The new owner; LUMBERJACK QUARRY wants to rezone from Un-Zoned to MG-EX so they can have a Rock Quarry AND ASPHALT PLANT!

We have three rock quarries surrounding us. We ARE NOT surprised to have another rock quarry start up. We ARE surprised and totally opposed to having an ASPHALT PLANT directly East of our nursery business.

How does this affect you, our customers, our neighbors? The air quality will be greatly compromised with burnt oil fumes and dust covering our plants, greenhouses, out buildings and equipment! We are not just concerned for ourselves but for you as you shop for your gardens in that environment.

We also know that no matter how carefully they follow the strict laws to protect the surrounding land and groundwater, our surround area will absorb oils.

We understand new roads need to be built or old roads repaired. But this area is famous for growing plants and all kinds of fruit and produce for homeowners!  Our customers, birds and bees are not going to come here with awful burnt oil fumes!

Maybe the best thing we can all do is to attend the Box Elder County Meeting on March 16, 7:00 pm at the BE County Courthouse, room 23,  #1 South Main, Brigham City.  If we have hundreds of concerned people flowing out of the room and surrounding the building, maybe then, they will hear us!

This was set forth fueled by social media and futher fueled by people showing up at the Planning Commision Meeting last night to voice their opions. 

Mar 17, 2017 — BE County Planning Commision voted to NOT rezone the Lumberjack Quarry to MG-EX zone (mining, quarry, sand & gravel excavation). Now we will see what's next.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your support, signatures, comments and just everything!!!

The people of the area need to remain on their toes this could come up again and in the County Commision meeting. The fight may not be over yet.