Got Boredom? Here’s 100 + Summer Ideas to Keep It Away!

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:00pm
Tami L. Johnson

·         Pick a PARK and have a PICNIC!  Locally or otherwise

·         Visit the fire station in North Ogden and take a tour

·         Go to the North Shore Aquatic Center 245 E. 2550 N. North Ogden

·         Play at the Splash Pad in the Harrisville Park

·         Go for a hike at Jump Off Canyon (along Mountain Road)

·         Takea hike anywhere!  But go with a friend!

·         Go to Willow Park and Zoo at 419 W. 700 S. in Logan

·         Visit Gossner Cheese Factory for yummy ice-cream cones and CHEESE!

1051 N. 1000 W. Logan, UT

·         Visit a different library than you regularly use

·         Go for a bike ride with the kids

·         Go to the dollar movies at Walker theaters in Perry or North Ogden

·         Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask if they have any huge appliance boxes for FREE then bring it home and let the kids paint them and make a play house

·         Go to Beaus Pond by WSU and feed the ducks and walk around the loop

·         Go to the Brigham City Pool for a change of scenery

·         Go to the Ben Lomond Community Swimming Pool

·         Visit Ogden’s Union Station and let the kids walk by the trains outside & go inside to see the museum (for a minimal fee)

·         Might as well go to the Gun Museum too!

·         And the Car museum

·         Go to the Ogden Parkway and bring scooters/strollers/bikes or walk the path—careful of the river!

·         Afterward go to the Dinosaur Park

·         Carver's Cove Petting Farm (Eden)

·         Go to Crystal Hot Springs

·         Visit Gibson’s Green Acres Dairy Farm in Ogden

·         Coldwater Trout Farm in North Ogden

·         Go canoeing or kayaking (wear your life jacket!)

·         Visit Clark planetarium in Salt Lake and watch an Imax movie

·         Visit the Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake and see the 100’s of birds

·         Hogle Zoo

·         Tour of Lee’s Grocery store in North Ogden

·         Visit Antelope Island

·         See an Ogden Raptor’s game

·         Visit Brigham City Temple grounds & tabernacle

·         Visit Ogden Temple grounds and Tabernacle

·         Have a bake sale in your neighborhood

·         Treehouse museum

·         Mountain biking

·         BBQ with your friends or family

·         Visit the Animal Shelter and play with a cat or dog

·         Do an anonymous act of service for your neighbor

·         Make a slip n slide

·         Have a popsicle stand

·         Go Geo caching

·         Travel up to the Migratory Bird Refuge 2155 W. Forest St. Brigham, City

·         Participate in your local city parade

·         Have a neighborhood talent show

·         Write a REAL letter to a grandparent

·         Work on your family history

·         Go get a Frosty at Wendy’s

·         Go to an outdoor concert

·         Play frisbee with friends at the park

·         Do a random act of kindness for someone

·         Then watch the show “Random Acts” on the BYU channel!

·         Go to the Nature Center and explore

·         Wash your car and have a water fight after

·         Go camping in North Fork

·         Go camping in South Fork and float down the river (wear your life jacket!)

·         Volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club

·         Read a good book

·         Go on a night hike and wear head lights

·         Make up a scavenger hunt and grab all your friends

·         Go ice blocking down the park hill

·         Make homemade ice-cream

·         Enter a bike race

·         Enter a 5k

·         Learn a new instrument

·         Visit Mrs. Cavanaugh’s Chocolate Factory in SLC

·         Take a CPR class

·         Go get a pedicure at the ATC (lower cost)

·         Ride the Frontrunner

·         Enroll in a summer camp and learn something new

·         Make a new recipe…visit www.melskitchencafe for ideas

·         Go to Fat Cat’s for $1 Bowling, $1 Bumper Cars, $1 Laser tag or $1 glow-in-the-dark-golf

·         Go to a musical at Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse

·         Play water balloon volleyball

·         Have a backyard fire and roast s’mores

·         Set up a tent in your yard and camp out

·         Paint your room a new color

·         Go to a yard sale

·         Go to Science in the Parks through Ogden City

·         Take a picture a day all summer long and make a book at the end of summer

·         Take swimming lessons

·         Visit Fort Buena Ventura

·         Go to Free Lunch at North Ogden Elementary or Green Acres Elementary (for those 18 and under)