A Day Out Against Crime Gave us a Glimpse of Life Behind the Scenes

Monday, October 2, 2017 - 12:30pm
Tami L. Johnson

North Ogden City had a Day Out Against Crime Day held on September 23, 2017,  from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Smith’s parking lot.  You could talk to: SWAT team members, NOPD officers, the pilot for the Air Med helicopter, and the Mobile Command Center, among others.  Plus, there were some awesome food trucks in which my family readily enjoyed the tasty grub! 

The information at each station was so interesting as we walked around while learning something new.  The Weber Metro Crime Scene Investigation trailer had various pictures of crime scenes and evidence from past investigations.  My two young boys and daughter were halfway fascinated and halfway grossed out at what they saw. Yet, all were filled with questions about the crime scene photos.

Putting on the SWAT vest was very heavy for my 9-year-old and it wasn’t even fully loaded with all the equipment!  John Beck, detective for the SWAT team said when he gears up for an emergency his vest can weigh around 50 lbs.

Weber County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue volunteers were interesting to listen to and told me they love what they do, although it’s definitely hard for them to come upon young children who have been involved in an accident resulting in death. 

We learned, inside the Mobile Command Center, about how they gave much needed direction and help during the recent fires in Uintah City by being able to keep in contact with UDOT and keep the highway safe. Those individuals in the command center said they love their jobs but it does involve a greater amount of caution and stress. 

Did you know a brand-new Air Med helicopter from the University of Utah costs about $6 million dollars?  A used one is around $3 million.  It is as though it’s a mini hospital flying in the air.

Meeting “Ziro”, a K-9 German Shepherd, who is companion to one of the NOPD officers was really cool.  He jumped up and down-- demonstrating some of his “tricks” for us.  Ziro goes home with his master at the end of each day and comes back to work ready to go again—helping fight crime wherever he’s needed.

THANK YOU to North Ogden City and North Ogden Police Department for putting on this great event of a Day Out Against Crime!  And thanks to Officer Child for being such an awesome sport to hang out in the dunk tank on a 53 degree day!