Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse Celebrating 25 Years

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 10:30am
Tami L. Johnson

A special gala was held on February 18th to celebrate 25 amazing years of community theater at Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse. Several were in attendance, including participants who have performed in various plays over the years and those who have worked behind the scenes.

Dedicated to providing quality, family-oriented musicals to the Utah community, Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse allows for a warm and friendly environment for audience members and actors—everyone  enjoys the world of theater together. The founder, Beverly Olsen, used sacrifice, hard work, and determination to meet her dreams and passions for the theater.  While Beverly was influential in assisting many theaters in Utah, she wanted a theater of her very own. Together with her husband, Blaine, she sought out that opportunity. They found the perfect building in Washington Terrace—an abandoned former grocery store.

This grocery store was then revitalized and transformed into the Washington Terrace Plaza Playhouse. If you’re ever able to take a tour, you’ll find remnants of the old grocery store such as the fruit and vegetable section.

Beverly passed away in December 2005.  The theater was then given over to her husband, Blaine, and her daughter, Jacci. Even on the very night of Beverly’s passing, Jacci still performed her starring role in Nunsense. Jacci has now officially renamed the Washington Terrace Plaza Playhouse to ‘Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse’.

Marketing Director, Casey Stratton, who has been involved with acting since he was 7 years old, tells us that “Beverly’s Plaza Playhouse has recently become a non-profit organization and updating the exterior of the building has become top priority.” 

He also says that, “Some people have heard about us and some haven’t so we’re trying to get the word out.”  

An interesting fact to add is that Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse is all run by volunteers.    

Lindy Page has performed, for many years, with Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse and said, “When you get married and have kids, you kind of lose that identity.”

Her husband, Wade, encouraged her to audition after not being on stage for 10 years. “I walked out onto the stage to audition for the first time and I felt like I was coming home.”

Lindy and her four children all enjoy performing. She said her oldest daughter, “eats, sleeps and drinks theater. And my little one would be in every single show if I let her.” 

“We’ve all done Scrooge about 5-6 times. This has given my kids quite a bit of stage presence. Our life literally revolves around what show we’re in.  We even plan family vacations around the shows,” Lindy says.

Being a performer at the Beverly’s Terrace Plaza Playhouse means a 3-month time commitment: 6 weeks of rehearsals and 6 weeks of performance.

All the sets are built right inside the back of the playhouse and some things are reused from year to year.   Cast members come and help volunteer to build sets as well. Costume rooms are adorned with 100’s of outfits, hats and props.    

Married couple, Alex and Kendra Young, were also at the gala with their new 2-month-old baby girl.  They were eager to talk about the excitement of performing in plays.

Upon returning home from his LDS mission, Alex was given the lead role in one of the plays without having to audition. Junior High School is when the acting bug bit Alex while performing in Beauty and the Beast. And Kendra tells us “I did Shakespeare in elementary school and loved being in front of people.”

When asked why they enjoy being members of the Beverly Terrace Plaza Playhouse, Kendra says, “It’s nice to come and do plays here because it’s family-friendly and clean. Alex adds, “And everyone is super nice to each other.”

In the 2017 season, you can enjoy seeing 7 different shows: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Sister Act, Annie, All Shook Up, Jekyll and Hyde, and Scrooge: A Christmas Carol.

 So, come out with your family and enjoy some live theater—it’s cheaper than a trip to the movies!

99 E. 4700 N. Washington Terrace, UT 84405