Willard City Hometown April Updates April 20th

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 10:45am

How did you like the "PIT" dust storm today? Blue Ox/Lumberjack Quarry has pulled the original pit proposal but has reapplied with some changes. Do the changes change our minds about a new pit? We will have to see when we have the opportunity to read the revised proposal.


Nathan & Wendy Rose
· April 13 at 8:49pm
Nathan &Wendy Rose

I’ve been asked about a planning commission meeting public hearing concerning the property that is owned by Blue Ox Development. They are the group that has leased a large amount of land to Granite for mining. They are asking to rezone some of the property. I’m not sure how this affects the pit proposal but this is what I could find. Please share along.

5. ZONING MAP AMENDMENT, Z17-007 zone property de-annexed from Willard City at approximately 6801 S. Hwy. 89 to the R-1...-20 (Residential Single Family 20,000 square foot) zone. Any interested parties should plan to attend. Copies of these petitions may be reviewed prior to the public hearing in the Box Elder County Community Development Office, Room 34 in the Box Elder County Historic Courthouse. Any questions should be directed to Scott Lyons, Community Development Director @ 435-734-3316.