The SeaQuest Aquarium, in Layton, is Unlike any Other!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 - 11:45am
Tami L. Johnson

The brand new, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium, is inviting you to come explore the wonders of the California Coast, the Egyptian Desert, the Amazon Rainforest, and more! Located in the Layton Hills Mall this unique aquarium is geared towards families and children of all ages.

Erin and Brad Boyle have embarked on an exciting adventure of opening the first SeaQuest Aquarium in Layton, Utah.  As partners in the company they brought forth key elements such as: design work, marketing, branding, and guest experience. As Erin says, “We’re a Davis County family so to do this right in our backyard is pretty great!”

The Boyles settled on the name, SeaQuest, because they want to take their guests on a “Quest” around the world through lots of different aquatic regions.   

“Instead of a typical aquarium where you can look at all the beautiful fish and animals-- with us it’s a completely interactive experience.  You can touch and feed almost all of our animals.  We’re a totally new concept and not like anyone out there”, Erin says.  

When asked how the SeaQuest compares to other aquariums Erin tell us, “We’re like the Children’s Museum. We’re a brand-new concept.”

The Boyles own the aquarium in Layton as well as one in Las Vegas.  In March, they will break ground for a new one in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.  All three aquariums are within a mall with no free-standing establishments at all.

“Malls are not so much a brick and mortar anymore.  You used to go to the mall to buy a shirt. Now, they’re starting to be entertainment destinations for families where they can go shopping, get some yummy food and have something really fun to do,” Erin says.  

Several Interaction Specialists have been hired to talk, teach, and mingle with guests along their journey. They are engaging families and children who come into the aquarium in a variety of ways and by helping them interact safely with the animals. 

The Iguana enclosure, for example, holds about 20 iguanas.  Children can families can come into the enclosure and buy some tokens to feed them lettuce.  I asked Erin if the animals are ever overfed and her response was, “Nope, they’re not like humans!  They stop when they’re done! The motto, here, is that we have enough animals so when one is full his friend will be hungry.  All the exhibits are this way.” 

Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Scorpions, and hundreds more all have a comfortable place to dwell at the SeaQuest Aquarium. 

Erin affirms, “We need this aquarium to not only be a great guest experience but we need to create great homes for our animals so they are well cared for.  This is paramount to us.”

In talking about who’s in charge of looking after the animals, Erin says, “There is a complete husbandry staff who takes care of the animals and maintains their health.  We have a Marine Director, Mike Stimak, and his Husbandry Team, a Reptile Team led by Malayna Oliver, and our Bird Husbandry Team led by Danny Alvey.”

Schools from all over will find that field trips here are indispensable.  “To be able to bring in a connection to kids who live in a land-locked state is so valuable.  There are kids here who will never see the ocean or touch a shark--let alone feed a shark. This is very powerful in the way they see the world and feel connected”, Erin tells us.  

 SeaQuest is also wheel-chair accessible.  And every foster child is welcome to come for free.

Call Guest Services at 801-544-4938 or visit to find out more information to book your next Birthday Party or Private Event and immerse yourself in the fun today!