Women and Predators 

Monday, November 27, 2017 - 12:30pm
John Kushma

Women and Predators 


The Elizabeth Smart story is repugnant and frightening.  The underside of this evil is fathomless regarding both depth and comprehension.  Thousands of young women worldwide are enduring similar and much worse abuse by male predators every day.  As brutal and cruel, and bizarre, as was Elizabeth’s experience, she was lucky.  Many of these women, thousands, are abducted, brutalized, raped, mutilated, killed, and discarded. 


In addition to the crazed religious felons and garden variety perverts, there is a worldwide sex slave trade industry of which we don’t even dare have nightmares.  


Here in this worldwide joke which is our oversensitive American society, our gropers and inappropriate male behavior artisans are a ludicrous footnote to the annals of women’s rights compared to the real evil in the world.  In some countries a harmless grope is tolerated, accepted, even taken as a compliment earning a laugh, a slap in the face, or a long and lasting relationship ...children and grandchildren.         


We seem to be confused these days more than ever about sex, sexuality, sexual abuse, indiscretions and improprieties.  Functionally, it’s the perfect psychological environment for political weaponry, and it is playing itself out on our cable news channels every day seemingly for our entertainment enjoyment.     


Yes, the times have changed, but Al Franken who made some dumb, sophomoric moves, is no predator.  


A public, on the spot, slap in the face to men like Franken, or a kick you know where, by any of these women who have “come forth” to the media after ten years about being “touched inappropriately” in an elevator or elsewhere by some senator or public figure, would have served themselves and their cause much better.  It would have served to bring more credible public awareness to the issue, to more functionally embarrass the groper, and it would have better served to stop the abuse.  It would have been a “Rosa Parks” moment for women’s rights. 


What ever happened to “I am woman here me roar”..?  “Roar” not squeak!         


Funny, sad really, how looks and personality can either deceive or be dead on.  Al has been a cuddly, beloved comedian all his life, now a democratic U.S. Senator from Minnesota.  We loved him on SNL, his Stuart Smalley bits were hilarious.  We love him as a senator.  He just looks funny.  Trustworthy.  Yes, but capable of indiscretions and making a dumb move, and taking an even dumber photograph ...ten years ago.  


But the Republicans, through the media, and through his accuser after ten years, are trying to establish him as a sexual assault criminal.  Sounds fishy to me.        


Judge Roy Moore of today’s Alabama, on he other hand, not to be mistaken for Judge Roy Bean, “The law west of the Pecos” in the late 1800s, may be legitimately considered a predator if he in fact did target children when he was a grown man, and to me, and I know this is unfair, he looks the part.      


Ivanka Trump, daughter to one of the great womanizers of all time, our president, Donald J. Trump, has even come out and said that, “There’s a special place in hell for people who prey on children.”  


Womanizer, bad.  Predator, much worse, not even in the same ball park.     


Let’s review ...


If the story is accurate, God created Man, Adam, then he took a rib from Adam and made Woman, Eve.  And women have been breaking men’s hearts ever since.  Nonetheless, we men were here first, if maybe only by minutes, but who’s to say, a minute back then could have been centuries.  


Man obviously needed a partner, and a mate, to procreate because maybe God saw his mistake in Adam and he knew he needed to improve on the species.  A species that would produce other Adams and Eves, and also capable of producing awesome hybrids incorporating the best qualities of each gender.  


“Corporations are people, my friend.” 


So, being here first, for God only knows how long, we men had our work cut out for us.  Just think of it, sitting alone at night looking at the stars in the shivering cold.  There was no fire back then, or even clothing.  Those were afterthoughts.  Yes, Woman ...makes a whole lot of sense.  


Thank you, God.


The fact that men were here first, which I realize is really no point or argument, just like the “fact” that women aren’t equal is a non sequitur, is meaningless regarding the psychosis that has developed over the centuries between the the genders.  Our collective and individual rights to life, liberty and happiness, and respect, are equal all the way down the line.  The “Me Tarzan You Jane” attitude went out the window with prohibition, in fact, being here first would mean that women were God’s subsequent gift to us and they should be treated as such.  


Women are are lovers, our partners, our teachers, our mothers, our healers, they bear our collective children ...I think they may be the improved species and gender that God intended.    


Why would anyone think any differently either here in America or anywhere else in the world?


Forget the fact that, as the story goes, Eve got hung up with Satan in the Garden of Eden over an apple and tempted Adam to break the only rule God had imposed.  So forget the glass ceiling, you can see through glass, and it obviously breaks.  


So, where along the line of evolution did things go haywire?  Where in our genetic code did the crossovers happen and over how long a period of time did it take for the genders to blend into one another?  And where, for God’s sake, did the genders become toxic and attack and abuse their counterparts, and, especially, attack and abuse both same and different gender children?!  


Stealing a kiss can be within the lines, commonly remedied, as I said, by a slap in the face and not “coming forth” to the media ten years later.  Sexually attacking a woman, a child, or a man, however, is reprehensible.  In our confused, politically correct society today we need to recognize the difference.  We need to understand that you can not always recognize a book by its cover, but, conversely, that you also can tell a book by its cover.  We need to be alert, pay attention, and be able to recognize the signs.  Just like we need to be vigilant in the same way to prevent mass shootings.


Everything points to mental health.


But it is obvious that men are the problem.  Whatever natural, primitive instincts men have to hunt, make fire, be attracted by a woman, etc., somehow got out of control and is causing a lot of problems.  And women have a role in this as well.  But a public slap in the face would go a lot further for a woman than complaining to the media.  In fact, the media would find that a lot more interesting and it would be a far more effective deterrent to the problem.      


You hear occasionally of a woman, a high school teacher or someone like that, having sex with a young male student.  It makes the news then goes away until it happens again.  The story is usually a sad one, hard to speak about, and somehow all parties live through it.  But rape, sexual abuse, child abuse, and other perversions, as abhorrent as they are, have become political weapons in our society taking everything to a whole new level of reality, fantasy, and the need for awareness.


Stay tuned to your favorite cable news channel for a “woman abuses man” story, which is inevitably bound to “come forth.”


Just three last words: John Wayne Bobbitt.  Look it up.



John Kushma is a communication consultant and lives in Logan, Utah.