Willard Candidates

Friday, November 3, 2017 - 3:45pm

Willard Mayoral Candidates

Del Fredde

·         Served on the Willard Council for 7 years

·         Served on the Planning Commission as Chairman for three years

·         Chairman of the Willard Perry Wastewater Treatment Plant Board

·         Trustee of the Box Elder Mosquito Abatement District

Del has lived in Willard or the past 55 years. Has been retired and has the time required to manage our City.

·         Will listen to you and value your comments

·          Will plan for our future and protect Willard's rural atmosphere

·          Will use Willard's tax dollars wisely

·          Desires Willard citizens input about our future

·          Will spend the necessary time to manage our City and will keep you informed of our issues

·          Will always work towards a balanced budget and live within its means.

·          Has the experience and the desire to serve Willard City

Kenneth Braegger (mayor)

·         Served two years on Willard City Council

·         Six plus years as mayor

Kenneth was born and raised in Willard, has fifty plus years as a Willard resident. Own and operate a construction company.

Issues facing Willard

·         Growth is one of the biggest challenges face Willard today we not only need to control growth to get good quality developments in Willard but we need to encourage growth to be able to meet debt service needs of our sewer system.

·         Need for increased water storage, I believe we can work with developers to increase water storage without the need for Willard to go into additional debt for that storage

·          Need to look at the possibility of reworking our spring water source in the canyon to regain the flow we once had out of that spring

·         That this also could be accomplished without the need of the City going into debt

·         Find opportunities to bring commercial business into Willard for an additional tax base

·         sewer agreement issues between Willard and Perry that we need to continue to work in a positive direction to come to an agreement that works for both communities


Willard City Council

Josh Braegger (current council member)

·         Currently serving on the county flood control board.

·         On the Perry/Willard waste water board, where I am the mutually appointed board member for both cities.

There are still also several issues to be solved at this facility. Has been doing his best to keep both cities informed and keep our councils on the same page. Trying to do what is right for the citizens of both communities, and the taxpayer’s money. There are good people on the board and are now working together to resolve previous issues.

·         Over parks the first three years of the term. Was able to help get the grant money for the Willard Nature Park from the state settlement with Chevron on the Willard Bay spill. The park should be completed this year. It will have a fishing pond, debris basins, trails, playground, benches and pavilions. This will be a great addition to the town and is being paid for with grant money.


Josh has lived in Willard all of his life minus a few years in Colorado when I was a young child.

Willard has several issues right now.

·         Growth

·          Water

·          Development

·          Paying for a sewer system that many didn't want

·          Lack of tax base


Bradley J Robb (Current City council member)

·         Current City Council Member

Bradley has lived in Willard for just over ten years.

·         The biggest future problem I see in Willard is the management of growth, I realize that most people are not fans of growth, but the reality is that Willard cannot sustain itself solely on the current tax base. I believe there are three options to increase revenue:

              1. Residential growth.

              2. Commercial expansion.

             3. Increased taxes

 My proposal would be a combination of options one and two. I believe that smart residential growth, meaning planning for infrastructure needs that come with residential growth, plus the tax base that a viable commercial addition could bring would help Willard to stay as close to the small town feel that we all enjoy.

·         Water storage is the number one problem that Willard is facing right now.  At the current storage capacity, we only have enough additional water to build approximately 30 homes. Without adding storage we are left with option three, increased taxes.


Gary Hart

·         Willard City Planning Commission last 2 years

Gary has lived in Willard for 12 years

·         Growth in the right way, commercial business in the right places

·         Growth in the right was also means not trying to put too much in one area allowing for roads, walking area and safety for children

·         Control of taxes and budgets




Fred Ward

·         He’s running for office because he loves the city and hopes to get involved in the community

Fred is a life-long resident of Willard.

·         Spending citizens taxes prudently

·         He doesn’t think a city like Willard can preserve the past while growing the future, either stop all growth to preserve the farming community or allow growth and development for the future.

·         Developers must be held responsible for complying with all city ordinances. The cost should not be placed on the citizens of Willard.

·         Landowners have the right to sell property. There are landowners who want to develop or sell for development, but they need to develop at their own expense.