Monday, July 31, 2017 - 9:15am
John Kushma



Rolls right off the f***ing tongue doesn’t it?


There’s a rumor floating around that Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House Director of Communications, is the illegitimate son of Andrew Dice Clay.  Considering the swagger and foul mouth on this lad that it totally plausible.  


Donald Trump, you’ve got to be kidding!  This guy should be selling shoes in Hoboken or snake oil from the back of a wagon ..or hedge funds on Wall Street ..not communicating your presidency and policies to America and the world.  Hmmm ...or maybe he’s just the right man for that job for you.  Why break your personnel lucky streak.  He does seem to fit the Trump mold.    


Sean Spicer was doing a good job, but most important, given the impossible job he had as flack for you, he, in hindsight, had an easy rapport with the press and news media, and with Americans.  He was easy to look at.  He held up well.  


Until he couldn’t hold up any more.   


Spicer took Melissa McCarthy’s SNL impersonations of him in stride, admitting that they were for the most part, funny.  And they were.  Spicer had an easy, almost comical country-boy face and look about him.  When he smiled, you smiled.   


Scaramucci looks oddly menacing, given the fact that Scaramouche was a clown and jester in Italian theatre, often beaten for his boasting and cowardice.  Scaramuccia means “little skirmisher.”  Perfect.  When he smiles, you cringe.  When he opens his mouth, you recoil.  ‘Saturday Night Live’ will crucify him, if he still has a job by Saturday.  


Actually, Scarramuci doesn’t have his job secured yet.  There are a few technicalities to observe, like a regulatory review of the hedge fund company he is selling to a Chinese firm.  Hedge fund company, right.  Don’t hedge your bet he’ll be gone in a week.                      


I mean, c’mon man! ..just look at him ...his hand gestures, facial expressions, his thin veneer of overbearing youthful overconfidence.  You can see right through it.  He seems uncomfortable in his own skin.  Everything about him says amateur, creepy, paranoid.  The frontal assault shield of don’t-mess-with-me language and the slick New York City imagery does not connect with Trump’s base supporters, nor with the news media, nor with his colleagues at the White House, nor with we Americans. 


We are all aghast. 


The kid needs his mouth washed out with soap.  There are other young kids watching the news.  What a lousy role model for those young Republicans out there!     


He embarrassed himself on ‘Face The Nation‘ Sunday last week, almost like a deer-in-the-headlights, which doesn’t look good on someone who’s trying to embolden himself and “take charge.”  He seems to be faking his way through on Trump’s say-so recommendation.  Host John Dickerson had him on the ropes with the first question.  The kid fought back with ridiculous rhetoric spiked with impromptu sophomoric phrases like “I love the president”, “he’ll knock your sox off” and “I’ll just fire everybody!”  


His faux pas comment about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ television appearance regarding her hair and makeup was about as rude and kitschy as blowing a kiss to the media press corps from the briefing room podium.


His recent public foul-mouthed tirade about White House Chief of Staff, Reince Priebus, and advisor, Steve Bannon regarding alleged “leaks” further points to just how out of control and abnormal, and paranoid, this Donald Trump presidency and White House are.                

But it’s just like Trump to pick a bad boy wanna be in his own image.  I wonder who will fail or be fired first, Scaramucci or Trump?  I’m sure Las Vegas has odds on it.      


Scaramoucci is right in line with Kushner, Manafort and Don Trump, Jr. regarding perceived integrity.  He comes with a ton of questionable financial baggage of his own.  The kid does not exude confidence, credibility and honesty in this high profile position that demands it, much like most of the people Trump surrounds himself with.  


I know it’s not fair to be so hard on Scaramucci without giving him a chance to prove himself, but he’s gotten off to a bad start.  I don’t mean to profile either, but the name and the slick demeanor are worth noting and beg commentary.  The language he uses in public is a deal breaker, and job terminator.  


Being the White House Communications Director has got to be a difficult job, especially in this particular White House under Donald Trump.  Past Directors under past presidents all had their challenges.  They all served their time and did a good job, and maybe Anthony Scaramucci will too.  


But I doubt it.  Instinct tells me no.  He’s short-lived.  


I don’t know about you folks, but I’ve had enough already, and seen and heard enough.  And I see this one coming from a mile way.  This looks like another losing proposition to me.  Another Trump con job, another waste of my time, an insult to my sensibilities, and to America’s credibility.


And another strategic Trump distraction from the critical problem issue.  Russia.


It’s embarrassing.  I’m not as much embarrassed for them, as I am embarrassed for America.  


Mr. Slick, Mr. Trump, Mr. Putin ...just give it to us straight.  


Where is Mr. Roberts when we need him?   



John Kushma is a communication consultant and lives in Logan, Utah.