‘The 4th of July Blues’

Friday, July 5, 2019 - 3:30am
John Kushma

Ain’t got no President

The dealer slipped us a King

I’m not sure what game we’re playin’

But we stand to lose everything 


All the money’s on the table

All the Jokers they’ve gone wild

Mitch McConnell where art thou 

When’s the last time that you smiled 


Your wife is Secretary of Transportation 

And Transportation is profitable indeed

The King is wild in this game, baby,

Turns out the joke’s on me 


This King was dealt from the bottom of the deck

I saw it on TV 

A voters slight of hand a shell game 

The joke’ must be on you now 

‘Cause it ain’t no joke to me 


Sweet land of liberty, honey, my country ‘tis of thee 


George Washington can you hear us

We’re cryin’ out your name

Yon won us our free country but freedom’s gone insane 

Take a knee and hear us talk to us for a while 

Trump just hugs your flag and insults us 

With a Devil’s mocking smile 


Melania’s at the border wall teaching Mexican kids to pray

She’s only got a minute and a half it says so on her coat 

‘I really don’t care do U?’  I’m allowed to gloat 

I’m the Kings wife and that makes me Queen for a day

No mater she won’t be back anyway 


Rocketman Kim is playing out his hand

He doesn’t trust the luck of the draw

He welcomes Trump to North Korea land

History is made it’s as easy as can be 

Just tweet into the cameras then put it on TV 


You feign peace and kindness you show a friendly sign 

But you’re only bluffing The Donald Trump 

And he’s bluffing you in kind

Is that an ace I see Kimmie up your billowy sleeve

Don’t play that hand right now bluff a little longer

Until the Russians leave 


The Oligarchs stormed in and tried to disrupt the game

They killed the man Magnitsky but they couldn’t kill his name 


The Chinese don’t like playin’ cards

Checkers is their game 

They play the board with marbles

The timer has a bell  

They’re smart not clever but they learn real fast

And they speak our language well 


Our King’s 4th of July parade is a mighty show of force

There’ll be tanks and jets and guns and rats

Melania wants a divorce 

There’ll be nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas 

Padlocks, molotov cocktails and rocks

Slingshots and pogo sticks for the kids

No one knows where the President King stops 


Economy economy is that all you’ve got?

Look closer ‘President Goldfinger’   

The Economy’s not that hot

Goldfinger, Goldfinger, do you expect us to fly?

‘No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!’ 


What’s hot are polar ice caps and global warming

What more do you need in the form of warning? 


Iran’s getting feisty Muslims are showing their moves

All while Jared Kushner’s peace plan cheats Islam out of Jews

It’s the 4th of July Blues, baby, and I’m gettin’ the bends

It’s deja vu all over the world here it comes again 


Muhammad bin Salman you murdering son of a sultan

What you did to Khashoggi and the world it’s insultin’ 


Crime in the streets, drugs, race violence white supremacist

Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren

No one cares about the rest

George Washington, Abe Lincoln, JFK all please listen up

Eisenhower, Truman and FDR give us your ear

Reagan, Clinton, Obama our cries can you not hear?


Oh, say, can you see? 


John Adams meant what he said and said best what he meant 

”Fear is the foundation of most government”

And so our President King continues to torment 


Goodbye Gettysburg it’s now the Pyongyang Address 

Our elected King is leading us down the path

Into the wilderness


So Buck up America, there’s brighter days ahead

We can vote them in and vote them out until the King is dead 

‘Long live the King’ we’ll shout it’s what John Adams meant

Just choose and pick then cast your vote for the next U.S. President   



John Kushma is a communication consultant and lives in Logan, Utah.