Weber School District HOPE WEEK Meant to Bring Plenty of Hope for Everyone

Friday, October 6, 2017 - 12:45pm
Tami L. Johnson

Weber School District’s HOPE week is over, but hopefully students and families of Weber County are still feeling the effects of all the good that happened.

Last week the community was invited to join in several fun activities, including food trucks and hearing a local band at Valley Elementary School, a guest presentation by Brad Barton with magic tricks at North Ogden Elementary, and Try it “Knight” with jousting at North Ogden Jr. High. Barton taught everyone who came to North Ogden Elementary about making good choices and having the magic to do what’s never been done before!

In addition, there was also a FREE concert featuring Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band at Weber High School on Thursday night.  The auditorium was nearly full with families who wanted to come hear some great music and a great message.  Free t-shirts were handed out that night which read, “Weber United” on the backside-indicating that all of us, who live in Weber County, are in support of one another and we care for each other.  We can make a difference! 

Friday’s HOPE week culminated with a winning football game as Weber High played against Davis High.  Prizes were given at half time for those who entered the drawings earlier in the week.  Kids from various schools throughout Weber District won. 

Those who wore their Weber United t-shirts were able to get into the football game for FREE.  This was especially awesome for my family since we don’t get out to the games much, but when it’s free --we do!  We loved the atmosphere of the football game! If you bought anything at the concession stand that night, you helped out the Weber High Girls’ Basketball team.  Go Warriors!

Becky Butler, counselor at Weber High School, tells us that, “Weber United is the goal of HOPE Week. It’s to emphasize that we are all significant members of this great community.  Every life matters.”

Butler also says, “The purpose of HOPE week is to both educate the community in an effort to prevent suicide and to bring the community together to engage in positive, uplifting activities. Bringing us together to celebrate life, to talk about hope, and to provide resources…that’s the point.”

We learn that suicide is not just a school issue but a community issue as it sadly becomes something we hear about more than we should.  School administrators, PTSA groups, HOPE SQAUD, Community resources and Student Response Teams all helped collaborate towards the effort of making HOPE week a successful week of HOPE.

“Together we can lift the stigma of mental health, open our arms to people who are hurting and get them help.  We greatly appreciate anyone who supported this event,” Butler says. “Your efforts created an amazing week!  We are excited to continue this event next year, and welcome any and all who would like to contribute!”