North Ogden Land Use Authority/Planning Commission

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 6:30pm

Land Use Authority/Planning Commission

Planning Commission Meeting

Notice Date & Time: 7/17/19 6:30 PM



Planning Commission Meeting
July 17, 2019
505 East 2600 North
North Ogden City, Utah

Welcome: Chairman Thomas
Invocation: Commissioner Barker
Pledge of Allegiance: Commissioner Arner

6:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Roll Call
2. Minutes Approval:
a. Consideration to approve the June 19, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting minutes
3. Opening Meeting Statement
4. Ex parte communications or conflicts of interest to disclose
5. Public comments for items not on the Agenda
6. Administrative Items:
a. SUB 2019-03 Consideration for Preliminary Approval of Northview Estates Subdivision, Phase 7, Presenter: Brandon Bell, Associate Planner
b. SUB 2019-04 Consideration for Final Approval of Woodfield Farms Subdivision, Phase 3, Presenter: Kai Johnsen, Planning Technician
7. Legislative Items:
a. ANX 2019-02 Consideration and Recommendation for zoning of the annexed property located at approximately 4300 N 850 E
8. Public comments for items not on the Agenda
9. Remarks from Planning Commissioners
10. Report of City Planner
11. Remarks from City Attorney
12. Adjournment