Box Elder High 2018 Sterling Scholars

Friday, January 12, 2018 - 10:45am
Dawn Scothern / newsletters

Deren Bott is son of Kenyon and Heather Bott. He is Box Elder High Sterling Scholar nominee in English/Language Arts. Deren is an excellent representative of the goals and requirements of a Language Arts student at BEHS.  He has demonstrated a mastery and love for reading and writing, and has used those skills in unique ways to show this mastery. One of the goals in the Language Arts Department is to promote critical thinking in everything that students do. Deren has appreciation for Language Arts skills, and we are delighted that he wants to share those skills with others in his school and community.  Deren has competed in writing contests, poetry contests, and published and circulated a neighborhood newsletter.


Jack Agren, son of Kathryn Agren and John Agren, is the Box Elder High Sterling Scholar nominee for Math.   Jack’s ability to understand the concepts being taught is exceptional.  This showed on exams and quizzes as he was able to miss very few points when completing the assignments, quizzes and tests.  He wasn’t about just making sure he was getting an ‘A’ in the class.  Jack wanted to learn the material; so, as he moved forward in class, he would be able to understand more and more as he progressed in math.

Jack was also willing to help his classmates on their assignments.  When Jack would answer their questions, he wouldn’t just show them how to get the answer, he would explain the concepts to the students so they could understand.  This allowed them to then answer other questions on their own as they progressed on the current assignment and new material in the class. 

Rebecca Sparks, daughter of Jason and Marsha Sparks, has the Sterling Scholar nominee for Social Science for Box Elder High School.

Rebecca Sparks was chosen by the Social Studies Department to be the Sterling Scholar.  Rebecca has taken, or is currently taking, every AP Social Studies course offered at Box Elder High.  In addition, she has taken Social Studies-related courses in other departments, such as Business Law.  She was a delegate to Girls’ State last summer and is currently serving as the National Honor Society Chapter President at BEHS.  She has been involved with various service-related activities in conjunction with the school activities with which she is involved, as well as on her own.  The Social Studies Department was impressed by the broad range of her interests, as well as by her future plans to use the things that she has learned in her Social Studies classes.  All of the Social Studies teachers who have taught her have been impressed by her hard work and dedication.  She pays attention to details and follows through on things. 

Karen Lela Ferry is the Box Elder High Sterling Scholar nominee for Instrumental Music. 

Karen Lela Ferry began her violin lessons at age 3 with Deborah Moench of Salt Lake City and currently studies with Ralph Matson, the Associate Concertmaster of the Utah Symphony.  As the youngest of seven children, Karen became a violinist as a result of birth order—with all of them alternating down the line violin, cello, violin, cello… Karen quickly embraced her violin lot in life, developing into a dedicated soloist, chamber musician and orchestra player.  Karen made her orchestral debut at age 8 with the Utah Philharmonic.  Since then, she has had the honor of being the guest soloist with the Utah Symphony at Abravanel Hall five times, four of which were on the Symphony’s 2016-2017 season.  Over the years, Karen has entered numerous competitions on state, regional and national levels.  For her, the significance of competitions hasn’t been in the winning or losing of them, but in the growth she makes in her technique and artistry as she practices and prepares for them.  Karen has enjoyed getting to know other young string players from the around the country by participating in summer music intensives at Indiana University and the Cleveland Institute of Music.

She is currently the concertmaster of the Gifted Music School Orchestra in Salt Lake City.   Sharing her music with others to serve them and lift them is Karen's greatest desire.  She has loved being involved in inter-faith concerts in the Box Elder County Tabernacle, playing for patients at the Huntsman Cancer Center, and performing on benefit concerts to raise money for Meals on Wheels and the Christensen Dance Academy.  Karen also shares her music by teaching private violin lessons to neighborhood children in Corinne.  Karen is currently serving as the BEHS Senior Class President, where she has been actively involved in the annual can drive and the Christmas Assistance fundraiser.  She is a member of the BEHS Madrigals, Orchestra and National Honors Society.  Karen also enjoys tap dancing, piano, yoga, and running. She is the daughter of Ben and Meg Ferry of West Corinne.

Yelyzateva Lushnikova is the Dance Sterling Scholar nominee for Box Elder High School.  Yelyzateva’s parents are Yuliya Martin and Lee Martin.

Liza is a wonderful student demonstrating outstanding citizenship and maintaining an excellent grade point average.  Her success shows how hard she has worked in school as well as being highly involved in dance. Throughout her high school experience here at Box Elder, Liza has been a member of the drill team, as well as one year on the cheerleading team. Through her participation with these teams, she has had many opportunities to give back to the community.  When interviewing Liza, her passion for dance was obvious.

Liza is always willing to help out and took on whatever challenges that were presented to her.  She is a very talented dancer; and it is very easy to see the passion she has for it.

Chelsey Marie Holdaway is the daughter of Chris and Monica Holdaway.  She has been nominated as the 2017-2018 Family & Consumer Sciences Sterling Scholar for Box Elder High School.

She is currently serving as our FCCLA President for the 2017-2018 school year.  She is a highly motivated and a well-rounded student.  She has taken a variety of courses in the FACS department with an emphasis in Foods & Culinary Arts. She has good grades and gets involved in extra activities offered through our classes and organizations.  She works hard at everything she pursues from her classes to her hobbies and talents. Her membership and leadership experiences in FCCLA, combined with the fact that she will be a CTE pathways completer in Culinary Arts, as well as her wonderful character traits and hard work are just some of the reasons that Chelsey is a wonderful Sterling Scholar candidate. 

Chelsey is a great example to her peers.  She is a willing learner and seems excited to learn new things and share her knowledge with others.  She is calm, dependable, and punctual and always wants to help. 

Emily Newman is the daughter to Jerel and Gini Newman.  The Science Department at Box Elder High School is proud to introduce Emily Newman as this year’s Sterling Scholar. Emily is a senior at Box Elder High School and is a very talented student.

She has excelled in classes such as Medical Anatomy and Physiology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Psychology and AP Government. Besides being a very gifted student, Emily is compassionate about serving and making the school a better place. This year Emily is serving as a State Officer for HOSA (Future Health Professionals). She is currently serving as the HOSA Northern Area Vice President. This allows her to help all of the secondary schools in the North to produce future leaders. When she is not helping students follow their goals, she can probably be found running. We are honored that Emily will represent this school in the future. 

Bret Cummings, son of Sean and Heather Cummings, has been nominated as student of the month for December 2017 and Sterling Scholar for the Career Technical Education Skilled Technical area.

Bret also excelled in the Bridgerland Technical College drafting program. Bret has many good qualities that make him a terrific candidate for this award:  hard worker, dedicated, determined and goal oriented. Each one of these, and many more, make Bret a very valuable young man that will be able to succeed throughout his life.  Bret is a class leader, and other students look to him for help and follow his example. Bret is also able to recognize weaknesses and learns to overcome them. He is not afraid to reach out and gain more knowledge. His nominating teacher said, “I have seen first-hand where he has taken on challenges and owned them he strives to become better each day as he reaches his goals.”

Morgan Taylor is the daughter of James R. Taylor and Annette Taylor. The Sterling Scholar nominee for the Vocal Performance.

Morgan is a 3 year choir student.  Her achievements include: 2 years as a BEHS Madrigal, 2017-2018 Madrigal officer, Superior ratings at State Solo/Ensemble festival, both as a soloist, and a member of singing groups.

Morgan’s excellence as a musician is achieved through a combination of physical tools and elite character.  Between choir groups and private vocal study, Morgan has been singing her entire life.  She has developed exceptionally proficient technique as a singer, and top-notch musical instincts.

She already has in place a work ethic and a drive to improve that would rival the strongest university student.  Her ability to focus and meet goals has transformed her into a remarkably consistent singer.  She is so well-practiced that she does not have bad performances.  These are skills that are certainly valuable in music, but more importantly they will translate to everything Morgan does in life, and she will undoubtedly become a very successful adult.

 Julian Mitton is the son of Julie Mitton.  Julian has been nominated by the CTE Department for the Computer Technology Sterling Scholar. 

Julian Mitton has focused his education in two major areas:  music and technology.  He has worked hard to make sure he earns his State of Utah Pathway certification in Digital Media by taking six core classes:  Digital Media IA & B, Digital Media IIA & B, 3D Graphics, and 3D Animation.  He is equally as talented and gifted in performing music.

He has earned State skill certification in each CTE technology course he has taken.  He has also earned industry certification in “Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop.”  Those certifications will help separate Julian from his competitors who are looking for a career in the same area.  Certification always wins.

Julian loves to get involved in the community by participating in the scouting program where he has earned his Eagle and is helping others to achieve the same recognition.  Like education, experience rounds you out, giving exposure to ideas and approaches that are outside of your comfort zone.  Being able to think outside your experience is an ingredient of leadership.  Julian’s education and experience are helping him develop the leadership skills necessary to be successful. 

Julian has an easy-going personality that other students and teachers enjoy because he likes to interact in class discussions.  He is willing to teach what he knows to the peers who sit around him.  He doesn’t worry about using his own time to help out someone in class who asks.  Julian shows a lot of integrity in the choices he makes in and out of the classroom.


Karlee Klitgaard, daughter of Kamron Klitgaard and Kathleen Klitgaard, is Box Elder High School’s Sterling Scholar nominee for Speech/Theatre Arts/Forensics.

Speech and Drama Sterling Scholar is always chosen by an outside judge due to the competitive nature of the award. And this year, Karlee Klitgaard was selected. She is a fine young woman and is exemplar of hard work and dedication. She has incredible integrity, passion for the theatre, and ambition to excel.

From the first, she has been a curious and overachieving student, always giving her best work and encouraging the same from her peers. Karlee is a wonderful team member and also a terrific leader. She has an unbelievable work ethic. No matter what the task, Karlee will see that it is completed with each detail in place. She knows the importance of organization, precision and deadlines. Karlee is capable of leading a team, working by herself, and working with others. She is self-motivated and will succeed.

 Karlee is one of the most versatile young actresses I have had pleasure to teach. She is receptive of direction and always rehearses at her best. She comes to rehearsal ready to work and willing to take risks. Whether it is a comedy, a powerful dramatic piece or dancing in a musical—Karlee is perfect for the show. She always develops beautiful and memorable characters.