Box Elder High Students of the month February (3 of 3)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 - 1:00pm
Box Elder High
Dawson Stephens
Aaron Crawford

Dawson Stephens is the son of David and Emily Stephens.  Dawson was nominated by Barbara Dallon for February Student of the Month in English

Dawson is one of the most caring students I have met.  He has a strong work ethic and desires success.  One trait that is endearing to Dawson he wants to be sure that everyone even himself treated fairly.   He when he sets his mind and goal can achieve anything.  He works hard and understand that things are tough ---but he get going.  Dawson does not let the toughness of the assignments stand in his way.  He strives for success and does not give up until it is in his grasp and reached.  He is an example to other students around him. 


Aaron Crawford for Social Science February Student of the Month nominated  Jaycee Checketts.  Jaycee is the daughter of  Jacob and Angela Checketts.

I chose Jaycee Checketts because is an outstanding student.  She is dedicated to really learning everything she can.  She is not content to merely memorize, but really wants to master what she is learning.  She is clever and smart.  She is also incredibly kind and tends to think of others.  She is always helping those around her.  When we combine a love of learning with helping her fellows, we have the makings of a great social scientist.  That is what we have in Jaycee.


Savannah Corson  is the daughter of Keith Corson and Tiffany Corson.  Patrick Parker nominated Savannah for February Student of the Month in Math. 

I have had the great opportunity of teaching Savannah Corson in my Math IIB class this trimester, and it has been awesome to see how hard she works each and every day.  Savannah is the only student I have in the entire class that refuses to do anything but her best in math, regardless of the situation. 

Whenever we have an assignment or test, she always wants to figure out everything that needs to be done, and does so at such a high level, which is just incredible to see in a math class.

In addition to that, Savannah also is willing to go the extra mile in being a good mentor and friend to those around her.  If anyone ever asks her for help, she is willing to immediately stop what she is doing and help her neighbor with whatever question they may have.  It is amazing to see her interact with her peers and provide as much support as she does for them.

Savannah is a great person and a great student as well, and I know that whatever she puts her mind too, she will achieve it in life.


Cooper Ben Case is the son of Russell and Susanne Case.  Cooper was nominated by Mark Harris for February Student of the Month for General Education.

Cooper’s greatest attribute making him a student of the month is his great attitude. He enjoys learning, coming to school and interacting with people. He is friendly, outgoing, but also works hard at staying focused on work in the classroom. He contributes and offers his thoughts helping learning take place. He is not afraid to ask questions – some of which others might want to ask, but are too afraid to take the risk of asking the question. He is a friend to all, willing to encourage and befriend whomever he is sitting next to. He also helps them if they have questions and encourages them and congratulates them if they do something of note during class. He is also obedient, willing to do whatever the teacher asks of him. He is fun, loving a good laugh or joke. Cooper Case is the perfect student to be student of the month.