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Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 9:45am

This year Utah is experiencing an unusually large number of human-caused wildfires. Fire managers note that although most wildfires are unintentional, they are also preventable.  Three of the main causes of wildfire are: debris burning, vehicles and campfires.

                To reduce debris burning caused fires, always check with local authorities to see if debris burning is allowed.  Weather has a huge effect on the safety of debris burning.  Wind can carry a spark or ember from the fire to unburned vegetation.  Never leave a debris burn unattended.  Knowing when to burn will protect your property and home.

                Poorly maintained vehicles and trailers are another fire causing culprit.  Vehicles that are dragging chains, have flat tires, or have faulty catalytic converters will often launch sparks into the grass and other vegetation along highways and roadsides.  Properly maintained vehicles, good tires and secure trailers will improve gas mileage and performance and reduce the risk of wildfires.

                Know before you go.  Check with local authorities to see if campfires are allowed in the area you want to camp.   To see a helpful demonstration on how to build and extinguish a campfire, check out this YouTube video: https// This short demonstration will show and explain the basics of campfire safety.  By properly extinguishing your campfire, you can protect your favorite camping spot from wildfire.

                Working together we can help keep Utah beautiful.



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Chris Asbjorn, Public Information Officer