Historic Cabin Restored in Farr West

Historic Cabin in Farr West
Historic Cabin Revealed in Farr West


This story begins in 1865 when Leonidas Alfred Pritchett and his wife Elizabeth Ann Heninger left their comfortable home in Virginia to come to Zion.  Along the way, they stopped in Ohio just long enough to welcome their first baby, Catherine Leticia Pritchett, into the world.  In the fall of 1865, the Pritchett family reached Salt Lake City.  In the spring of 1866, the little family obtained 160 acres of land, built a log home, and settled down in what is now known as Farr West City.

Opinion from one of our subscribers in Weber County

Health Care Exchanges


Our editorial board asked our Governor, Legislators and us to “Work with feds on (healthcare) exchanges.” And tells us the act is the law of the land and we should accept. I know this editorial staff would like us to think that the law is settled. However, most of America thinks not.


The editorial board seems to forget that even after the Obama administration rolled out all of the positives about the law, like young

Two Faiths, One Celebration

From right, Doug Clark, Congregation member and Pastor David Duncan, Valley View Baptist Church, and President Roger Howell, a member of the Presidency of the Coldwater Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


The 225th year anniversary of the signing of the Constitution was celebrated by an interfaith celebration on Saturday Sept 22nd in North Ogden. The occasion was hailed as the First Annual Faith of Our Fathers event held at the church bowery on 1700 North. 

School Lunch Let Down

Mariah Redden eats school lunch at Green Acres Elementary School


Ironically, the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” leaves kids….hungry.  Many children, parents, and teachers across the country are ‘fed up’ with restrictive new regulations.  Signed by President Obama in December 2010, the act went in to effect at the beginning of this 2012 school year.


I Was Never The Same Again - After Seeing the Effects of an Overpowering Government


The Concensus Technique - A Powerful Tool

Building Consensus


A Soldier's Homecoming - A Poem


A Soldier's Homecoming


When silence isn’t golden, making space for buried fears,

A long-awaited welcome home becomes the place of tears.

A glance into a hallway mirror reflects a youth denied.

This soldier carries memories of his comrades who have died.

“Why did I survive?” he asks, the visions of those days

Speed coursing through his weary mind.  They say it’s just a phase.

There are children here to think of, thrilled to have their father home

And a beauty who has nurtured and protected them alone.

A Step in the Right Direction- A Follow-up on the Rotten Ordinance Feature

            At the September 25th city council meeting, City Manager Ron Chandler requested a refund for business license fees for applicants that didn’t make enough money with their business to cover the cost of the fees.  The council unanimously granted to refund, and then listened to both Chandler, and the father of the teen-aged boys involved urge them to consider changing the currents ordinance.  Chandler mentioned that it could be considered “heavy-handed” to exact fees from residents for the privilege of conducting business when the fees outweigh the profit, so he suggested an amendm

Plans for Public Works Complex Resume

            During the City Council Meeting last night, a 14-member committee for the Public Works Complex project was approved unanimously by the council.  Every councilman expressed their excitement in finally being able to move forward on plans for the complex.  The committee is made up of all 5 council members and 9 citizens.

Parks to Stay Open in North Ogden

            For anyone who read the whole article in the Standard earlier this week, “North Ogden to Address Sunday Parks Closure” they would find towards the end of the article that this agenda item for the September 25th City Council Meeting was never intended to be a discussion about anything more than possibly closing parks to leagues on Sundays.  Unfortunately, many citizens only heard the title of this article or the discussion on KSL’s Doug Wright show Tuesday and feared the worst.  Over 40 people attended Tuesday night’s meeting, many stating their feelings in the Public Comments po


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