Religions in Utah Speak in Support of Amendment 3

Several religious organizations in Utah have filed an amicus curiae, or friend of the court, brief supporting Utah’s definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.

The 52 page document, dated February 10, includes support from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the National Association of Evangelists, the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, and the Lutheran Church, and allows them a chance to offer an opinion to the court even though they are not a party to the case.

An Answer to Prayers and Fasting

               On February 10th, Powder Mountain Ski Resort announced a whopping 36" of new snow after what they dubbed as "the most epic storm in the past 3 seasons."  Rewind to just two weeks earlier.  The Utah Farm Bureau asked the public to join in prayer and fasting for moisture.  Concern was high regarding looming drought as livestock and crops seemed in real danger of repercussions from lower-than-average snowpack.  Parts of Utah and 10 other states were designated by Federal officials as primary natural-disaster areas.  The bulk of the concern has been expressed over


For Immediate Release
Sunday, March 02, 2014




Joint Statement from Count My Vote and Utah Legislators


March 1, 2014  





Lindsay Zizumbo  

CMV Executive Director  



Ric Cantrell  

Senate Chief of Staff  



Spencer Nitz  

House Majority Communications Director  



Audio file from the Governor's press event on Medicaid Expansion

Governor unveiled an alternative plan to Medicaid expansion - The "Healthy Utah Plan" fixes the hole without expanding Medicaid

Feb 27 2014

SALT LAKE CITY – (Feb. 27, 2014) Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert wants the federal government to block grant Utah the money it would give for Medicaid expansion, allowing the state to administer its own program. Here's a link to the audio file from today's press event with the Governor.

Bill Would Increase Penalties for Texting While Driving


Bill Would Increase Penalties for Texting While Driving


Written by Bob Bernick on 26 February 2014. Posted in Today At Utah Policy


Proposal Would Move Utah to the Front of the Line in 2016 Presidential Primaries; Hold Voting Online

14 February 2014

. Posted in Today At Utah Policy

Iowa and New Hampshire are so yesterday. A bill proposal on Capitol Hill would allow Utah to hold the first presidential primary in the nation, and conduct voting online.


Rep. Jon Cox (R-Ephraim) says he’s tired of other states getting all the attention when it comes to the presidential nominating process.

Lee Introduces Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act

February 12, 2014

Lee Introduces Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee introduced a bill to address the deep problems in the federal government’s welfare programs that make it more difficult for low-income Americans to work their way into the middle class and stay there.  The “Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act” would get existing federal welfare programs under control and would help the working poor transition from poverty to opportunity and security.

Senators Introduce Resolution Denouncing Obama Administration’s Coercion of States with Common Core



Common Core is being seen at the national level as  a problem. Below is a proposed resolution by a number of Senators. As this resolution circulates in the Senate I am sure the number of co-sponsors will grow.


Senator Mike Lee


Press Release



Feb 05  2014


Senators Introduce Resolution Denouncing Obama Administration’s Coercion of States with Common Core


Utah House Republicans

Monday marked the start of the 2014 General Legislative Session, but our work started before the gavel fell. Last week members of the House Clean Air Caucus met outside the Utah Capitol to unveil a package of bills aimed to help improve Utah’s air. This bipartisan group of legislators introduced bills designed to encourage the use of electric vehicles, buy transit passes, encouraging people to convert from wood-burning primary heat sources to natural gas, and educate the public on ways each of us can improve air quality throughout the state of Utah.


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