Agenda 21 book review
  Harriet Parke teamed up with Glenn Beck to produce an augural novel centered around the life of protagonist Emmeline. The premise behind Agenda 21spawns from other classics such as A Brave New... read more
Walter Williams - A Minority View
  Editors Note: In our latest edition of the Sentinel we failed to print the continuation of this article. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is the article in its entirety. JoAnn Watson,... read more
Various opinions were given concerning zoning in Pleasant View City
  On November 13, 2012, Pleasant View City held a public hearing to consider re-zoning property near the corner of 2700 North, and 600 West in Pleasant View to allow for high density housing.  The... read more
Historic Cabin in Farr West, Historic Cabin Revealed in Farr West
  This story begins in 1865 when Leonidas Alfred Pritchett and his wife Elizabeth Ann Heninger left their comfortable home in Virginia to come to Zion.  Along the way, they stopped in Ohio just long... read more
J. Reed Mackley is against casting out the poor through zoning restrictions
       Pleasant View City council recently held a public hearing on a request to rezone a piece of ground to permit construction of an apartment complex.  Many citizens spoke against having low cost... read more
North Ogden revised their media policy.  Does it inhibit free speech?
  NORTH OGDEN – After much debate over several council meetings, the city council has revised their media policy. The original policy stated that council members should email all conversations with... read more
Thumbs Up North Ogden for Restoring Property Rights to Over 100 Homeowners
  North Ogden - The City Council unanimously voted to ease controls that previously restricted over 100 homes from adding a garage or converting a carport into a garage.  Many homes in North Ogden... read more
As with Redwoods,our intertwined roots create a super-strong network
This is a winning article from "Our American - Do Spirit" essay contest.   Shallow roots run in my family. Much like Redwood trees whose root systems don’t appear to be long or deep enough to... read more
Utah's Republican majority in the Legislature is jumping the gun with many members' efforts to be first to reject any association or participation wit hthe federal health insurance exchanges, which... read more
South Willard Water Company
  Users of South Willard Water received an insert with the December water bill that said the following:   “Dear Shareholders(s)   South Willard Water Co. has considered a proposal, that if we... read more