Box Elder High Sterling Scholars for 2016-17 ( 1 of 3)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 11:15am
Dawn Scothern / Submissions from nomantions
Jaren Campbell - Business/Information Technology Sterling Scholar
Marilyn Cannon - Math Sterling Scholar
Damon J. Loll - World Languages Sterling Scholar
Emily Harames - Social Science Sterling Scholar

Jaren Campbell - Business/Information Technology Sterling Scholar

Jaren Campbell is the son of Jeff and Bonnie Campbell. 

Jaren has excellent skill in computer technology by taking classes that focus specifically in this area.  Jaren is self-taught in computer programming for website and app design.  He hand codes all of his websites and is continually looking for ways to learn and improve his skill.  He served as FBLA chapter webmaster during his junior year where he took the opportunity to compete in many business and technology events at the local, region, and state level.

For leadership, community service and citizenship, Jaren is currently serving as the FBLA president for Box Elder High.  He also donates his time to our school and community by participating in as many service activities as he can.  Jaren currently reads to elementary kids on a weekly basis to help them increase their reading and comprehension levels which will improve their abilities in other areas at school as well.

Jaren strives for personal success and doing so is a great example to those around him.  He is involved in not only FBLA, but also Interact club, Key Club, and the National Honor Society.  He has taken over two dozen AP, concurrent enrollment, and honors courses while attending high school and maintains a 4.0 GPA.  His future goals include pursuing computer technology in the field of cyber security or computer software engineering.


Marilyn Cannon - Math Sterling Scholar

Marilyn Cannon is the daughter of Fred and Tammy Cannon. 

Marilyn exhibits many traits that set her apart from other students. She always comes to class ready to learn and be challenged mentally.  She has a great attitude that is infectious to all those around her, and her incredible work ethic also rubs off on her peers.  Her desire to learn new things, especially in mathematics, is what I would say separates her from so many other great math students.  Marilyn is never satisfied with “The How” of a concept, but rather always wants to know “The Why.”  It is this desire that leads her to discover new ideas on her own and challenge any idea that she cannot immediately internalize, and her drive to achieve her goals is peerless.

Marilyn is also a wonderful person.  She participates in so many extra-curricular activities, yet still finds time to excel in all of her school work.  She is wonderful to be around, is a great friend, and has a genuine concern for all those around her. 


Damon J. Loll - World Languages Sterling Scholar

Damon J. Loll   is the son of Damon M. and Christine Loll. 

Damon has shown great excitement and enthusiasm for learning German.  His excitement earned Damon the world language student of the month.  His drive over the past 2 years has not diminished, it’s just gotten stronger. The summer between his junior and senior years Damon traveled with other students to Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.  He was able to experience the culture first hand and see the different relationships of European countries and gain a global perspective.  He was helpful and outgoing and respectful to the tour guide and other students from around the country.  His ability to reach out to others was a big help on the tour. 

A lot of students have an innate fear of speaking a foreign language because of the fear of making a mistake or of looking foolish.  His determination and willingness for learning will take him far in his life endeavors.

Damon’s junior year he served as German Club Vice President and his senior year is serving as German Club President. 


Emily Harames - Social Science Sterling Scholar

Emily Harames, daughter of Kim Harames and Jayson Harames, has managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA in spite of some rather severe health difficulties.  She accomplished this while taking some of the most difficult courses that Box Elder High School offers: she has completed 9 sections of honors-level classes and 9 sections of Advanced Placement-level classes.  This year, she will complete two more sections of AP classes and two concurrent enrollment classes.  Impressively, she scored in the 98th percentile on the ACT test.

She is an officer in the National Honor Society, serving as that organization’s parliamentarian.  She is also an officer in the FBLA and sings with the Madrigals, Box Elder High’s most advanced choir.

Emily has a natural ability to make those around her feel important and needed.  This makes her a natural leader.  She also has a refreshing sense of humility and an irrepressible spirit of kindness. The Social Science department chose her because of her excellent academics, her exceptional service record, her spectacular leadership capacity, and her caring attitude.



Kaden Christensen - Science Sterling Scholar

Kaden Todd Christensen is the son of Todd and Roxanne Christensen. 

Kaden was nominated because of his extremely hard work, desire to learn, and impressive interview skills. He is able to learn things quickly and at a depth that most students do not. He has challenged himself throughout his high school science career, taking Biology, Physics, and AP Chemistry, as well as many other upper level classes in the school. This puts his is a rare group of very well rounded students that will be able to achieve in any scientific field they choose to pursue.

Kaden is not just a smart person though. He was picked because of his rare ability to engage people in deep conversations with compassion and understanding. Kaden is a marvelous student, person and Sterling Scholar.