Box Elder High Sterling Scholars for 2016-17 (3 of 3)

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 11:45am
Dawn Scothern / Submissions from nomantions
Laura Dean the Vocal Performance
Emily Haynie Visual Arts Sterling Scholar.
Jordan Kurt Penfold Career Technical Skilled Sciences Technical Education
Sarah Doman for Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Laura Dean the Vocal Performance

 Laura Dean is the daughter of Robert and Margie Dean. 

Laura has been singing her entire life and her experience is clearly reflected in her skill level. Laura sings with both the highest level of technical proficiency, as well as nuance, musicality, and emotionality. 

She has been an important asset in the BEHS choirs.  She has been a member of Arioso, Concert Choir, and Madrigals, and she has also been featured in lead roles in the school musical, most recently as Ariel in the Little Mermaid.

Laura has also had experience as a competitive soloist, receiving superior ratings at State Festival each of the last 3 years.  In the last 2 months Laura also participated in a national competition in Colorado and took first place.

In addition to her skill as a singer, she is a model example in attitude and teamwork.  She has had nearly perfect attendance and is a positive force in leading others every day.  The combination of Laura’s skills and personality engender excellence in those around her.  Other students love working with her because of her musical excellence and kindness.

Laura is sure to be successful in her field moving forward because of her ability to set challenging and specific goals and she possesses the vision and focus to work for and achieve her goals.  She carries herself with great maturity and professionalism and is an outstanding representative of the vocal department.


Emily Haynie Visual Arts Sterling Scholar.

Emily Haynie is the daughter of Paul and Natalie Haynie. 


The Fine Art Department has chosen Emily Haynie for sterling scholar because of the quality of her art work and how she presented herself to the Fine Art Committee for her selection. She has achieved great academic scores that set her above the rest of her student applicants. She showed mastery of drawing, Painting and composition skills in her art to represent a Sterling Scholar. She has a very creative mind and it showed as we looked at her art work. She has given service in the community and at school.  She also has shown a great aptitude for art and is a great young lady.



Jordan Kurt Penfold Career Technical Skilled Sciences Technical Education

Jordan Kurt Penfold is the son of Kurt and Kristina Penfold. 

 Jordan Penfold was student of the month for December 2016 and Sterling Scholar for the Career Technical Education Skilled Technical area. Jordan excels in the welding program and engineering classes.


Jordan has many good qualities that make him a terrific candidate for this award: hard worker, dedicated, determined and goal oriented. Each one of these and many more make Jordan a very valuable young man that will be able to succeed throughout his life. Jordan is also able to recognize weakness and overcome them.






Sarah Doman for Speech/Theater Arts/Forensics.

Sarah Doman is the daughter of Heidi Doman and Jared Doman.  

Sarah has grown into a well-rounded performer. She is a director and choreographers dream.  She also took top honors at competition at the regional and state level with her beautiful pantomime.  Sarah is equally at home with a classical Shakespearean monologue as well.     She was cast as Calpernia in the production of Julius Caesar and did a beautiful job of creating a three dimensional character that the audience adored.    Her text analysis and understanding is thrilling for a student her age.  She has an unmatched passion for life and ambition to excel. 

Sarah is a very driven young woman. In addition to her academic interests, she has been active in drill, music, theater, and student government.  She is often required to be a school for these activities until late into the evening and still manages to keep a job at one of our local dance studios.  

 Sarah has served our school in student government every year.  She is well respected by her peers and BEHS faculty.   She is often called upon to help with projects even when she is not in charge of them, simply because if Sarah is there the job will get done with every detail in place.   Sarah is always ready to help out however she can, whether that means helping a special needs student to a dance, planning service projects or just sitting by a new student.   

This year Sarah has been a wonderful ambassador and example to everyone and anyone new to the department.   Whether it has been their first class, or their first play she has gone above and beyond to make them feel welcome.    She is the first to congratulate others on a good performance or a new cast list. 


Sarah is a remarkable young woman who comes ready to work and prepared to put in the time it takes to finish every job.