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A Word to the Wisco: Business Licenses Don’t Come Easy


After 25 years of providing custom brick and concrete work, including pavers, waterfalls and retaining walls, Wisco was forced to close its doors in Brigham City due to the economic turndown. Despite selling inventory, equipment and several acres of commercial property to pay bills and provide for his family, owner Cory Wilkes was determined to one day reopen Wisco.

Election Summary Farr West Cuty







Farr West Mayoral

Z. Lee Dickemore = 459         52.82%

Ken Phippen =          402          46.26%

Write-in votes =            8              .92%

Total Votes cast =    873


Farr West City Council

Tim Shupe =               228           13.74%

Boyd Ferrin =             576           34.72%

Michael Grange =      366          22.06%

Matt Gwynn =            482           29.05%

Ken Phippen for Mayor - Farr West

Ken Phippen decided to run for Farr West City council because he was ready to take the next step and be a full participant in a position that can help make decisions.  He has been an actively participating in the City meetings as a citizen and later as a planning commissioner. He says, “It is important to me to see that every household has access to a well-functioning internet/telephone system.  It would be very beneficial to have "quick access” emergency situations.” 

Z. Lee Dickemore - Mayor - Farr West

Z. Lee Dickemore, was appointed Mayor of the Farr West City, Weber County, Utah upon the passing of Jimmy Pappageorge.


The concerns Mr. Dickemore has for Farr West City entail, keeping kids safe.  He is concerned about the sidewalks in the area near the new junior high.


Development in the area is somewhat staggering in that there are between five and six new subdivisions in the area.  The influx of people to the area is booming.  There are roughly 145 new homes being built in the area to accommodate this growth.  And the growth is expected to continue.

Tim Shupe for Farr West City Council

Tim Shupe has been involved in Farr West City government for over 25 years and during that time, has seen growth and development flourish.  He desires to continue to be a part of that growth.

            If re-elected, his first attention would go toward fiscal responsibilities.  He feels a need to aggressively seek the tax base needed to maintain current infrastructure and plan for new growth. Mr. Shupe says he will support any effort to acquire funding from other sources, ie; grants, donation, etc.

Boyd Ferrin City Council Farr West


Boyd Ferrin decided to run for City council to give back to the city what it has given to him and his family.

            If elected, he would like to make sure the ordinances for the 2000 West corridor are sound, and make sure that moving forward they will be as sound in 20 years as they are today.

“There are a lot of opinions and discussions on items.  However, when the air clears and the wind dies down, there is generally a unanimous decision agreed on that is best for the community at large, he states.”

Mike Grange – Farr West – City Council


Mike Grange has lived and worked in Farr West for over 30 years.  He feels Farr West is a great rural community with high values and he wants to protect the rights of the residents and give back to the community. Mr. Grange has served on the Farr West planning commission and City council in the past and in doing so feels it a great privilege to serve his community.

Matt Gwynn – Farr West


  Matt Gwynn decided to run for election because he has always been interested in and has academically studied government and its relationships.  As a military veteran and law enforcement officer, he has had continuous employment in public service since graduating from high school.  He currently is a political science major and is working on a Masters degree in public policy and administration. 

“How is American Spirit Related to America’s Greatness" Essay Excerpts


Graduating students from Weber and Fremont High Schools in the Weber School District were offered modest scholarships of $300 each by the American Spirit Project Committee. They wrote essays on the subject –“How is American Spirit Related to America’s Greatness?” Two scholarships were awarded at Scholarship Awards Assemblies in May of 2013.

Following are some excerpts from their essays.




Farr West is a city in Weber County, Utah, United States. The population was 3,094 at the 2000 census. It is part of the Ogden–Clearfield, Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area.



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