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Historic Cabin Restored in Farr West

Historic Cabin in Farr West
Historic Cabin Revealed in Farr West


This story begins in 1865 when Leonidas Alfred Pritchett and his wife Elizabeth Ann Heninger left their comfortable home in Virginia to come to Zion.  Along the way, they stopped in Ohio just long enough to welcome their first baby, Catherine Leticia Pritchett, into the world.  In the fall of 1865, the Pritchett family reached Salt Lake City.  In the spring of 1866, the little family obtained 160 acres of land, built a log home, and settled down in what is now known as Farr West City.

Farr West City Council, Nov. 15, 2012

Newly appointed Mayor of Farr West, Lee Dickemore


At the Farr West City Council Meeting held on the 15th of November 2012, a new mayor was appointed.  Mayor Jimmie Papegeorge was serving his 19th year as Mayor of Farr West when he passed away in his home, Sunday, October 21, 2012 at the age of 83.  A public notice was posted October 30th seeking applicants to fill the position of Mayor till the end of Papgeorge’s term, January 2014.  The Council members voted 3 to 2 and Lee Dickemore was appointed to fill the position.

Farr West Log Home Open House Invitation


Good Morning Sentinel News;

1st, thank you for your newspaper, I truly appreciate your views and articles which seem to always be in line with my beliefs and standards.  I really wish I could say the same for the St. Ex.


Agreements, Budgets, and Approvals

After several months of consideration, the Council approved the Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control Services with Weber County, despite the concern expressed by Farr West City (FWC) Council Member (CM) Tim Shupe, who said, “The fees are based on the results of the census and service calls… fees are not… specifically identified in the contract.”  He continued, there is a “formula in which the fees are calculated… added as appendix to contract.”  CM Shupe met with Animal Control Services and noted “pick-ups have been decreasing,” and that they “pick-up rats, chickens, rabbits, ferrets and

Attention: Pleasant View and Farr West Citizens!

Taken from the Public Notice:
"Farr West City and Pleasant View City will host a public visioning meeting on August 30th at 6 p.m. in the Pleasant View City Building to consider various alternative land use scenarios for the 2700 North corridor from approximately 2000 West to 1000 West. Property owners, business owners, realtors, and interested citizens are invited to attend this interactive meeting leading to potential policy changes in both communities concerning future land use in the corridor.

Your input, feedback, and attendance would be most appreciated."

Parents Take Charge of Child Education


“Creating the great thinkers of the 21st Century”

Republican Primary Forces Choice for N. Weber – S. Box Elder

When the re-districting ended in the Legislature, newly aligned House District 29 became a straddle district – being almost evenly split between South Box-Elder and Northwest Weber Counties as far as population and geography.   The new district pits incumbent Representative Brad Galvez against incumbent Representative Lee Perry.

Dan Lijenquist was Preserved in Plane Crash

Dan Liljenquist was preserved in Plane Crash

Dan Liljenquist Preserved in Plane Crash

By Jim Mackley

Weber High School Honor Roll 2011-12 4th Quarter

10th Grade Highest Honor Roll (4.0)

Block Grants are Unconstitutional and Unfunded Mandates

Block Grants Unconstitutional, Councilman Says An Example of not Heeding the Vertical Separation of Power


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