Top Legislative Issues for 2013

Top Legislative Issues of 2013

In December 2012 Sentinel News polled  our local legislatorsto discover the top legislative issues for 2013.  Most replied on issues with State finances, and the “Fiscal Cliff”.  Related issues include Obamacare, the State budget, and Education funding.  Following are their individual responses.


Book Review - Agenda 21 by Glenn Beck

Agenda 21 book review


A Minority View: A Hundred Percent of Nothing

Walter Williams - A Minority View


Editors Note: In our latest edition of the Sentinel we failed to print the continuation of this article. We apologize for the inconvenience. Here is the article in its entirety.

Council Refuses to Lift Restrictions

Various opinions were given concerning zoning in Pleasant View City


On November 13, 2012, Pleasant View City held a public hearing to consider re-zoning property near the corner of 2700 North, and 600 West in Pleasant View to allow for high density housing.  The City Council heard arguments for private property rights, and a place to live; and against decreasing property values and increased crime etc. before it denied the request.

Shall We Cast Out The Poor?

J. Reed Mackley is against casting out the poor through zoning restrictions


     Pleasant View City council recently held a public hearing on a request to rezone a piece of ground to permit construction of an apartment complex.  Many citizens spoke against having low cost housing in their neighborhood, and all of the city councilmen unanimously voted to prohibit the development because,  they said it did not conform to their vision for the city. The zoning ordinances are written to segregate the more expensive private homes from the lower cost housing provided by the apartments. 

Historic Cabin Restored in Farr West

Historic Cabin in Farr West
Historic Cabin Revealed in Farr West


This story begins in 1865 when Leonidas Alfred Pritchett and his wife Elizabeth Ann Heninger left their comfortable home in Virginia to come to Zion.  Along the way, they stopped in Ohio just long enough to welcome their first baby, Catherine Leticia Pritchett, into the world.  In the fall of 1865, the Pritchett family reached Salt Lake City.  In the spring of 1866, the little family obtained 160 acres of land, built a log home, and settled down in what is now known as Farr West City.

Opinion from one of our subscribers in Weber County

Health Care Exchanges


Our editorial board asked our Governor, Legislators and us to “Work with feds on (healthcare) exchanges.” And tells us the act is the law of the land and we should accept. I know this editorial staff would like us to think that the law is settled. However, most of America thinks not.


The editorial board seems to forget that even after the Obama administration rolled out all of the positives about the law, like young

Two Faiths, One Celebration

From right, Doug Clark, Congregation member and Pastor David Duncan, Valley View Baptist Church, and President Roger Howell, a member of the Presidency of the Coldwater Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


The 225th year anniversary of the signing of the Constitution was celebrated by an interfaith celebration on Saturday Sept 22nd in North Ogden. The occasion was hailed as the First Annual Faith of Our Fathers event held at the church bowery on 1700 North. 

School Lunch Let Down

Mariah Redden eats school lunch at Green Acres Elementary School


Ironically, the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010” leaves kids….hungry.  Many children, parents, and teachers across the country are ‘fed up’ with restrictive new regulations.  Signed by President Obama in December 2010, the act went in to effect at the beginning of this 2012 school year.


I Was Never The Same Again - After Seeing the Effects of an Overpowering Government



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