LeBron James No Rosa Parks

LeBron James No Rosa Parks


It took extraordinary courage for Rosa Parks to refuse to move to the back of the bus. LeBron James can just tweet his protests from his seat in first class.  


Map of Utah Earthquakes/Faults available (1850-2016)

New Map of Utah Earthquakes and Faults Now Available


Salt Lake City (Sept. 21, 2017) – The Utah Geological Survey (UGS), University of Utah Seismograph Stations (UUSS), and Utah Division of Emergency Management (UDEM) recently published the Utah Earthquakes (1850–2016) and Quaternary Fault Map (UGS Map 277). The new map shows earthquakes within and surrounding Utah from 1850 to 2016, and faults considered to be sources of large earthquakes.


Wildlife news releases - Sept. 21

Waterfowl Hunt Looks Promising

Two opening days this year

If you enjoy hunting ducks, geese or swans in Utah, get ready for a good hunt. And give a nod to the snow and rain that fell from the sky earlier this year.

Blair Stringham, migratory game bird coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, says dry conditions in 2016 provided little food for birds to eat. “Utah had a hard time holding birds last year,” he says. “Birds arrived, didn’t find much to eat and moved on.”

Getting the most from household items

Getting the most from household items

Food Benefits

Fall Weather Baking

Looking For some fun new Ideas for HAlloween?

Use latex gloves,blow them up and stick a glow stick in it.

Wildlife news releases - Sept. 8

Free Waterfowl Hunting Clinic Offers Coaching for Youth and Adults

Clinic happens Sept. 23

Price – You can sharpen your waterfowl hunting skills at a free clinic on Sept. 23.

The Division of Wildlife Resources will host the clinic from 8 a.m. to noon at the Desert Lake Waterfowl Management Area east of Elmo.

Fall Cleaning on your mind here's a few helpful Ideas


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